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Feeling quite uninspired for a "proper" blog at the moment, so to keep you going, here are a couple of Lush reviews on products I was recently given for my birthday. All of these products were gifts or bought with my own money.

The Comforter Bubble Bar
£3.95 - 200g

I know that there are probably hundreds and thousands of reviews of this product in the bloggisphere. However, I absolutely adore this product and think it deserves all the recognition it can get - especially to my new followers who might not have tried the Lush experience already.

This bubble bar smells unbelievable - nice and sweet, kind of a sugary blackcurrant scent. It is quite moisturising, and I have managed to get 5 uses out of it, because it is so big haha! Produces plenty of bubbles, even when you only use a small portion of it :) Oooh and it turns your bathwater into a beautiful deep pink/purple colour.

Definitely purchasing another couple of these!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
£2.27 - 100g

Just like the Lush website states, this bubble bar smells like custard creams. Nommy! I hadn't thought about the link between this product and custard creams haha, but it actually does smell just like it. It turns your bath a pale pink colour, but left my skin slightly greasy?

However, the lovely scent lingers forever, and I quite like this product... the greasiness is nothing a little bit of dusting powder won't sort out!

Enjoy my lovelies!



  1. I've been meaning to try the comforter! *logs onto lush online* :)

  2. The Comforter is amazing! I definitely understand why all the bloggers have been raving about it now :p XOXO

  3. The Comforter is amazing :) I definitely understand why all the bloggers have been raving about it! One of my favourite bubble bars I think :) XOXO

  4. thankyou for telling me to buy the comforter,
    ive not used it yet but i love smelling it :') haha
    i will be tweeting at you again next time im in a lush store :)


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