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Denim is one of this season's hottest trends, as I'm sure you're all aware. Whether it is denim jackets and waistcoats, or the risky venture into the double denim look, the trend is no longer restricted to just jeans.

My favourite interpretation on the high street of the denim trend is printed denim. On paper, it sounds dodgy beyond belief, inspiring images of those oh-so-popular stonewash, flared jeans with questionable stars and flowers printed on them from when I was about 5, but in practise, Topshop have got it oh-so-right.

I think I need the Faded Floral shorts in my life pronto!

Any of my beautiful followers kind enough to bring me one of these?!


  1. i love that jacket and those shorts!

  2. love the printed denim trend, so pretty!

  3. wow yayy!! i didnt even realise it was in :D

    i bought some floral printed denim shorts over the weeken. was love at first sight :D:D xx

  4. @Holly: Sameee, I wish I had an excuse to buy the jacket... I can't justify buying 3 jackets in as many weeks though haha!

    @Summer: It's gorgeous isn't it? :) Am I tempting you to visit London in the summer yet? :p

    @Abby: It's definitely in! Ahh did you? Blog post or Twitpic? I want to see ;)



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