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Bonjour, mes cheries! ;)

Hope you had lovely long relaxing weekends as you deserve! I returned from my long weekend in Paris last night and have missed blogging SO much. Thank you for the lovely comments, sorry I haven't had the chance to return them... my phone wouldn't work in Paris.

♥ Christian Dior show, Isabel Marant show, Galleries La Fayette, Novotel Esplanade de La Defense, Eiffel Tower, Printemps, Chatelet, Versailles = amazing weekend.

Just a quick photo blog, because it would take me forever to write about what I actually did in Paris. Enjoy!



  1. Oh wow! Hope you had a fantastic time it so looked like you did, I love all the photos!
    the alice in wonderland display looks amazing!!


  2. Love the photographs - they look fabulous!

  3. i bet you had an amazing time! and the weather was sooo nice too :) your photos look very beautiful! xoxo

  4. @Lauren: Thank you lovely, I had an amazing time! I just wish it hadn't been so cold... I spent half of my time warming up indoors and being unable to feel my fingers/toes haha! The Alice in Wonderland display was so adorable, they had the most beautiful Nicholas Kirkwood shoes :)

    @Pink Flower: Thank you!

    @Summer: Yes it was absolutely amazing ;D I can't wait to visit Paris again!



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