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I bought an adorable set of drawers from WHSmith (a stationers in England) on Monday, with the intention of storing my make-up in it. Compared to the majority of beauty/fashion bloggers, my own make-up collection is quite limited at the moment. Also, since I'm at Uni, my products are divided halfway between home and my Uni room haha!

How adorable are these drawers please?! Covered in little cupcakes, and in pastel pinks and blues :3 On the top of my drawers I have:

- LUSH Candy Fluff Dusting Powder
- Owl Embroidered Compact Mirror
- Mini Magnifier Mirror (for tweezing eyebrows etc.)
- Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette ♥
- Nail varnish collection :)

(click to enlarge image!)

Being a total organisation NERD, I've organised my drawers in the general order that I'd use the products haha! My first drawer contains face products:

- GOSH Touch Up Concealer in no.2
- BeneFit High Beam Highlighter
- Sephora Smoothing Primer
- Clarins Daily Energiser/Wake Up Booster
- BeneFit Dr. Feelgood (adore this product!)
- BeneFit Dallas Powder

Then I have my mascaras, and eyelash/eyebrow equipment ;) For someone who has extremely short eyelashes, I haven't got many products with me... God knows where my Lancome Hypnose, Defencils or eyelash serums have disappeared to in this, I'm assuming they are 70+ miles away at home!

- No 7 Heated Eyelash Curlers
- Mister Mascara Eyelash Curlers (+ replacement rubbers)
- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
- MaxFactor Falsh Lash Effect Mascara
- MaxFactor Masterpiece Mascara
- Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara
- Ms Make-Up Tweezers (hate these ><")
- Elite Professional Tweezers (my favourite along with Bourjois tweezers!)

Then I like to put my pencils and brushes together. Currently searching for the perfect pencil pot to put all my brushes in ^______^ In here I have:

- Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil
- Maybelline Eyeliner-Matic
- 2x Barry M Duo Kohl Pencils
- Black and Lilac Barry M Glitter Eye Crayon
- Aube Bronze Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Duo
- Ruby & Millie 7mm Eye Smudge Brush
- Ruby & Millie 7mm Eye Liner Brush
- Ruby & Millie 7mm Medium Eye Brush
- Elizabeth Arden Fine Eyeliner Brush

Until I wrote this post, I never realised how many lipglosses I possess. I don't even use these on a regular basis ^__^" Shockingly, I only have ONE lipstick as well :O Such a make-up noobie! My Barry M dazzle dusts and BeneFit Show Offs are kept in here as well:

Hand creams, cuticle butters and nail varnish removers are kept in this drawer. Absolutely adore The Sanctuary, and Soap & Glory for these purposes.

And finally, the big drawer! I keep my compacts, palettes and LUSH goodies in here! I actually have a lot more palettes than this, but they are kept in my bedroom at home, therefore aren't pictured...

I hardly possess any products ><" How do you all store your make-up products? Recommend me some lipsticks and palettes to purchase?



  1. Love love love♥
    You have so much! Like your Lush goods a lot! and I have the benefit High beam too, it's so good<3

  2. Thank you sweety :) I can't wait to use my LUSH products! I love BeneFit's products in general, I just wish they weren't so expensive ><" XOXO

  3. That is soooo cute!! How I have high beam and dallas also, how freakin amazingg are they?

  4. @SuperficialGirls: Thank you! So do I, much cuter than any of the typical storage devices I've seen before :)

    @ObsessedMakeupAddict: I know right! :D High Beam is absolutely amazing! I haven't actually used Dallas in weeks now, but I feel like the sunshine's out, so I have to start again :)


  5. that is the cutest set of drawers i have ever seen!

  6. That is such an adorable set of drawers!:D

    High Beam works wonders, I love love love using it!

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. aww it looks super adorable! love all the dazzle dusts ;D & you have sooo much stuff!! it's funny when you think about a girl's beauty products, i thought i didn't have many, but actually i store all of my stuff in the bathroom cupboard and i use the entire cupboard for myself, BF has to put his stuff outside (well he has not much products anyways ;) LOL

  8. ooooooh thats so pretty
    oh no worries, you're no makeup noob I hardly have that many
    i may invest in drawers though!
    Love the Benefit Dr Feel Good, i keep meaning to buy some! Do you think its worth itttt?
    Loveeee this post

  9. @Summer: Love dazzle dusts, they're so bright and pretty ^^ My favourite shades need a LOT of priming though... Haha yeah I have a lot more skincare, bath and shower products than make-up now that I think about it :) XO

    @Eliza: Ahh that makes me feel better ;D Might be going a slight make-up shopping spree tomorrow though! Dr Feel Good is amazing, it goes on so well, lasts all day and doesn't feel cakey or heavy :) Thank you!


  10. Mish I've wanted your owl mirror for ages :p Cute way of storing make up though, mine is all stacked/stored in the cardboard box from Lush's Head,Shoulders,Knees and Toes set. Whoops!

  11. hey are the mister mascara curlers any good?

  12. @lucy: They're alright, not my favourite but with a couple of curls (as in clamping the lashes) they work pretty well :) XO


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