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Ins & Outs #3

♥ Spent an entire week in one location for the first time in a month. It feels good not to have to worry about packing and unpacking, or forgetting random items like my toothbrush.

♥ Viv, my Writing for Multimedia lecturer, loved my blog and feature pieces for my portfolio! *does a happy dance* I am a massive nerd, and little things like these make me happy.

♥ Bought a beautiful blouse/top from H&M that I could totally pass off as a beautiful dress ;) It was only £19.99 as well - pretty damn bargainous in my opinion!

♥ Went to Emily and Leanne's flat for girly pre-drinks before going out with the fashion girls :) I did get ridiculously drunk... apologies to the fashion girlys if you are reading haha! May have stained the said top from above... But all-in-all, it was a pretty good night.

♥ Tidied my room :D Love a bit of organisation in my life.

♥ De-stained my pretty top with hairspray! I should be a professional stain remover person haha. Or not...

♥ Bought a Flake bar to satisfy my chocolate cravings and... I won a BeneFit lipgloss! Once you win, you get a choice of 5 different products, from which I chose BeneFit Her Glossiness in 'Life on The A List', which is now heading my way :D

♥ I reached 100+ followers, yay!

♥ Am nearing the end of a semester, which means nearing the end of free money student loan. Extremely sad times.

♥ Probably going to fail my ridiculously difficult Fashion History essay. Pfft.

♥ Stained my beautiful top :(

♥ Did I already mention lack of money? PSH. I'LL MENTION IT AGAIN. I don't do well with a lack of money.

♥ While in my drunken state, I bruised pretty much all of both of my legs. It looks hidious. And it's extremely painful to kneel down or rest my legs against anything.


  1. haha i love the apologies to the fashion girls! it was fine, you were hilairious <3 xx

  2. I honestly remember about 5% of the night, so awful! Did you have a good night? XO

  3. oh god, it was funny! yeah it was good thankyou :) xx

  4. Yay to you winning with a flake :) did u win on ur first one? I did, but then ended up eating 5 all together, haha! fatty
    That top is gorgeous, well done on ur followers to my love

  5. That top is beautiful.. I am the queen of falling over when drunk, my friends know if they cant see me they have to check the floor.. so i feel your pain..

  6. @Danielle: Ooopsie haha! Never again :p And good, did you end up in Reflex as well? I can't remember even being in there for long! xx

    @Steph: Thank you :D Oooh yay for your winnings too! Yeah I won on my first bar, and then thought I may as well try my luck and eat another 2... I didn't win again and felt slightly ill haha! Thank you muchly gorgeous :)

    @Emma Jade: I loveee my top ♥ Yay for klutziness! I'm always falling over, even when I'm not drunk, so adding alcohol is generally a bad idea!


  7. You are blog of the day at Alice Magazine : x x


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