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I saw this post on Emma's blog here and decided it made a really good read, so I just HAD to hop on the bandwagon and repost with my own (long list of) guilty pleasures. So c'mon girls, we all have our guilty pleasures... how do you plead?

♥ Watching The Hills on repeat constantly. I much prefer the earlier seasons because it is so fake recently. Lauren Conrad is one of my ultimate style icons and 'I'd Like To Meets'. Even though Lauren is no longer in the show *sob*, I still love watching it just to bash Spencer the Pratt and attempt to decipher which scenes are staged.

♥ Tweeting about every single occurance in my life. I know this probably annoys people as much as it annoys me haha. I just Tweet incessantly about the non-happenings that I come across in my day-to-day life. STILL can't stop doing it though... *slaps wrist*

♥ Joining a ridiculous amount of those groups and fanpages on Facebook. Yes, I'm one of those people. I can't help it though! They just all seem to relate to me or make me laugh! One thing that bothers me though, is when they are spelt wrong or all in capitals, or with bad grammar etc. Gr.

♥ Like Emma - putting my pyjamas on as soon as I get back to the flat!

♥ Creme Eggs. I don't feel too guilty about this one actually; it is Creme Egg season after all! Also recently, Flake bars once again, now that they're running the BeneFit promotion. I won with my first bar and now I'm addicted, gaining weight and not winning any more lipsticks.

♥ Popping into the City Centre on the way home from Uni for a "browse" and usually returning with several shopping bags. Being a Uni student, I seriously cannot afford to indulge in non-essential shopping trips.

♥ Putting my music up extremely loud in my Uni room, and then complaining when my neighbour does the same haha. I think this same situation happens in every room in all honesty... I just find pleasure in it because I can almost always hear them complaining.

♥ Having all of Justin Bieber's songs on iTunes. *hangs head in shame*

What are your guilty pleasures?



  1. YAY! Glad you liked it my lovely :)
    Pj's are the best and I totally forgot my twitter obsession! :)

  2. Lol I hang my head in shame with you! I have Justin Songs on my Itunes and I love them! Down to Earth and Never Let you Go - bring them on! Ohh and favourite girl x x

  3. @Emma: It was a refreshing change for a type of post :p Haha yeah pyjamas are my favourite choice of outfit! xxx

    @Joanna: Ahhh high five! Down to Earth and Common Denominator are my favourites I think :) Haha ;)


  4. yeahhh guilty pleasures, don't we love them! ;D me too, i can watch the hills episodes over & over again :) i remember when i lived in my little student appartment in paris with no tv, i watched the hills all the time, i think i know every single episode & the whole soundtrack by heart! & i still continue chain watching the hills, sooo good!!

    & then online shopping at Esprit is my absolute guilty pleasure, it's slowly getting expensive though - LOL

  5. @Summer: I think you're one of the many girls I know who can chain-watch The Hills :D I've watched 3 seasons in 3 days so far this week, and am about to finish season 4 already again! Oooh I have the soundtrack as well! ♥ LOL I haven't shopped at Esprit in a while actually... Topshop and H&M are my downfall atm ^____^" XOXO loveyou~

  6. #2 is SO TRUE. You tweet excessively, but I follow a few Michelle-esque people - def spams up my feed lol And to your last one - ;)


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