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Even though I'm way into my first year at Uni, I still feel worried about the Future and all that it entails. My degree is pretty specialised - Writing Fashion & Culture - so I'm probably going to be pretty limited for jobs.

I think that if my dreams of becoming a fashion journalist or editor don't work out, I would quite enjoy working in PR or visual merchandising. Or failing that, fashion buying? And then opening up my own little boutique?

So worried and excited about graduating in 2 years time *gasp* - it makes me nervous just thinking about it, especially when I think about how quickly first year of Uni has flown by :O

Anyone else at Uni also feeling the pressure?



  1. yeah i know what you mean! its so scary how quick its going! :o xx

  2. yes yes yes! kinda wish i did a fashion merchandising course or something! gah. my mums terrified i wont get a job after! The course is great but it's not all I thought it'd crack up to be :(.

  3. @Emily: We basically only have about 3 weeks after Easter :O Definitely need another couple of course nights out! xx

    @Victoria: I wish I'd done Fashion Marketing and Management or something... I'm not loving how unorganised our course is haha! And the job issue too is just :( xx

  4. I really worried about that when i was considering a fashion degree too, just get plenty of work experience and placements, which will give you an edge when applying for jobs :)

    I read the lovely bones years ago.. its one of my favourite books, i think that was the main reason the film was so disappointing.

  5. Yeah I'm going to apply for lots of placements over the summer and second year I think :) Still so worried! Ahh I see... everyone's told me the book was much better, which it has been so far :) xxx


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