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Good morning my beautifuls! Hope you're all awake and feeling fresh as a daisy because I most definitely am not :( Firstly, thank you so SO much for my 83 followers and 2000+ blog views! I never expected this amount of people to be interested in my ramblings... I've loved receiving sweet comments and emails from you all as well ^^

It was my birthday yesterday and I had quite a few celebrations for it haha. Currently dithering about posting a birthday haul... Mum took me for a shopping trip in London, are we interested in seeing what I picked up? :)

I'm going to Paris tomorrow for 4 days! Which means no blogging until next week when I've recovered from Fashion Week and musuem/tourist trips. As I'm spending the day packing, I thought I'd share my beauty essentials for a long weekend.

This is what I'm taking:

- Laneige Multi-Cleanser (review here)
- Boots Botanics Rosewater Toner
- Boots Botanics Eye Make Up Remover
- LUSH Celestial Moisturiser
- Flannel for my face :]

- GOSH Touch Up Concealer in no. 2
- BeneFit High Beam highlighter
- Barry M double ended black and gold kohl eyeliner
- Elizabeth Arden black gel eyeliner
- Barry M Dazzle Dust in 51
- Eyelash curlers
- MaxFactor Masterpiece mascara
- MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara
- Barry M Glitter Eye Crayons in Lilac and Black
- Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows palette
- Ruby and Millie brushes

Hope you all have a lovely rest-of-the-week! Will do my best to tweet from Paris once in a while ;)



  1. love the luella paper. =)
    im jealous, when you go paris, definately hit up sephora main branch [MUFE HD BLUSH is out!] and definately hit up some macarons. =)

  2. JEALOUS MUCH? Im sooo happy for you tho, I long to go to paris! haha
    takes lots of pics for me to see what its like pweese :)

    Also im thinking of getting gosh concealer, is it any good? im guessing you like it. Also the barry M liner is it any good?


  3. @Yin: Thank you :) And oooh, I will do my best to! I would've completely forgotten about Sephora if you hadn't mentioned it!

    @Lauren: Paris is beautiful, whenever I go I never want to come home again haha. Of course I'll take lots of photos! Photo blog will be coming when I'm back ;) The GOSH concealer is really good, goes on well and hides dark circles really well too! The Barry M liner is alright, it tends to disappear halfway through the day though...


  4. Have a fabulous time i'm Paris - i'm sure you will!

  5. love the blog... following i think im #90! going to retweet to help you!

  6. @DoodleDaisy: Thank you my 90th follower ;) XOXO


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