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A questions tag stolen from Daisy Chain Adventures because I'm quite bored and have just started to gain more followers ^^ I figured this would be a good way to let everyone know a little bit more about me.

Blog suggestions would be really lovely as well! Thank you all so much for following me!

1. Where is your cell phone?
RIGHT beside me :) I'm a total nerd when it comes to my Blackberry, it is always with me whatever I'm doing. It's pretty much my lifeline to the world, especially when I'm at Uni.

2. Your hair?
My hair truthfully looks revolting right now haha. It needs a trim, which should be happening this weekend, and most definitely a wash. A lovely image for all you girlies ;) I'm considering dying it a lighter shade of brown over the weekend as well.

3. Your mother?
... is simply amazing. How she copes with me and my siblings is completely beyond me; our house is a madhouse at the best of times!

4. Your father?
... probably annoys my Mum just as much as we do. He's the biggest kid out of all of us. I love my Dad. I'm a total Daddy's girl.

5. Your favourite food?
Jaffa Cakes. No matter what my food shopping budget is for the week, I will not miss out on my Jaffas! I think I'm too much of a chocolate lover in all honesty, I also love Haagen Dazs Belgian Choc ice cream for the ultimate splurge. Haagen Dazs > Ben & Jerry's - please don't hurt me!

6. Your dream last night?
I dreamt that I worked as a fashion assistant at Vogue, and that I was just deathly scared of Anna Wintour and literally kept hiding underneath my desk haha! I have problems...

7. Your favourite drink?
Sainsbury's Apple & Raspberry juice is nommy =D

8. Your dream/goal?
To run my own fashion glossy magazine, to own a beautiful home with a pretty garden and to have a loving family. (Cheesy towards the end, I know :p)

9. What room are you in?
My beautiful bedroom at home <3 I intend to spend the majority of my weekend home here.

10. Your hobbies?
Shopping, reading, writing, cooking, spending time with my friends.

11. Your fears?
For some reason, I'm scared of alligators and paper cuts. The alligators part is understandable I guess, but I can't even look at pictures of them! Paper cuts make me feel faint after watching Jackass.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years time?
Hopefully living in London, or in a city abroad, with a successful career and a nice boyfriend/fiancee(?!) I only want to work full-time for a few years before starting another small business project and having a family etc.

13. Where were you last night?
At the flat in Southampton, pretending to pack but ending up sketching magazine layouts and scanning photoshoot ideas. Then I went to my flatmate's room for Desperate Housewives + hot choccy :)

14. Something you aren't?
A typical fashion student? I'm a pretty eclectic mix of things haha.

15. Muffins?
Blueberry all the way! Coupled with a nice mocha from Starbucks or Costa. Or failing that, a chocolate chip one would do nicely.

16. Wish list items?
Chanel 2.55 bag, LUSH Fairy Jasmine Bath Ballistic, LUSH Snow Fairy shower gel, unlimited £££ to spend at Topshop.

17. Where did you grow up?
Stevenage, UK

18. Last thing you did?
Replied to Lauren @ Paris Boutique on Twitter. We were having a lovely conversation about how much we deserved to eat entire packets of Jaffa Cakes!

19. What are you wearing?
A baby pink floral top from Topshop and New Look jeggings.

20. Your TV?
I don't have my own TV :O We have a lovely 47" in the living room though.

21. Your pets?
I have 2 goldfish :) Mum is terrified of cats and dogs, and my Dad won't let us have hamsters after we looked after the school's one... It went AWOL one morning and we had him crawl around on his hands and knees to find it!

22. Your friends?
... are the most random group of people you'll ever meet, and also the most amazing people I know :) I can always count on the girls for a good day and/or night in/out.

23. Your life?
Not turning out the way I thought it would, but I love it right now!

24. Your mood?
Exhausted but over-the-moon to be spending the weekend at home.

25. Missing someone?
I miss the Uni bunch :( You win some you lose some I guess...

26. Vehicle?
I still haven't learnt to drive yet :O *slaps hand* It's definitely on my to-do list for the summer though, and I really want a Corsa or Peugeot 306. In navy blue. Or salmon pink. Clearly I don't spend hours thinking about this!

27. Something you're not wearing?
A coat?

28. Your favourite store?
Topshop, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Primark.

29. Your favourite colour?
Baby pink, red, navy blue, cream, grey.

30. When was the last time you laughed?
Earlier when my brother came in my room, he always comes out with the funniest one-liners and then wanders back out :')

31. Last time you cried?
Some time last week I think... Uni was getting a bit much and I was considering quitting.

32. Your best friend?
I have a few best friends - they're beautiful and I adore them to pieces! Hate how we're all scattered over the UK at the moment though.

33. One place you go over and over?
My bed <3

34. One person who emails regularly?
Summer and Tess always message me regularly, I love keeping in touch with them!

35. Favourite place to eat?
Zizzi have the most amazing bruschetta and calamari EVER. I could happily go and just eat appetisers there. But other than that, I quite enjoy taking time to make a meal and just eat at home.


  1. love these question thingys, wanna do one too ;)
    heyy, 19 followers, wohoo! congrats bby
    & thx for following me, i see your pic now, yay :D

  2. They're quite fun to fill out, makes you think about yourself a bit which was interesting, I never think about myself too seriously :p

    And woo! I thought I had followed it haha, I'm excited, I gained lots of followers tonight :D

    Love you <3

  3. Im currently doing this now!
    your right it does make you think..

    aww thats good! Im glad im mentioned in a question JAFFA CAKES FTW! haha


  4. Just read your one ;) It takes a surprisingly long amount of time to fill out, doesn't it?

    Haha, love for the jaffas!


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