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Hello all! I realise I've started blogging at pretty unsociable hours recently haha, it really is the only time I get to myself at the moment though :(

Today I met two of my best friends from home in Southampton for shopping and catch-up time! I honestly couldn't even begin describe how good it felt to see them in my lovely new "home". I've known these girls since I was 11 and it was so nice to see them, especially because things can get too much at Uni.

I didn't spend too much :( I'm saving my BIG spending spree for London next weekend, which I will probably photo blog for you all.

Even though I do have a gorgeous Gucci purse, I absolutely adore shopping for new purses :) I like unzipping all the little sections and finding nice clasps and weird places to put things. Anyone else? Managed to find this beautiful pale mint green purse in Accessorize for £12 ;) And like the cool people we are, Kayleigh and I bought matching ones... just like when we were about 14. *thumbs up*

I also got an adorable "China doll" style necklace from Accessorize, which was £6.

Thennnn, I went to Boots, where they had a couple of offers on.

Ruby & Millie have a 3 for 2 offer on their make-up brushes - win! I actually have been saving for MAC brushes, but thought I'd try these... I bought:

- Eyeliner brush 7mm
- Medium eye brush 7mm
- Eye smudge brush 7mm

They also had a half price offer on No 7 electricals, so I bought No 7 Heated Eyelash curlers for £7.49! Will be reviewing these shortly ;)

Hope you're all having fabulous weekends!



  1. looks all very nice!
    yess, i looove purse shopping & the best of buying new ones is when you put all your stuff from your old one in the new one & reorganize :D
    the necklace looks really cute too! i saw similar ones at agatha...
    enjoy the weekend bby!

  2. PS: love reading your blog when i wake up in the morning! ;)

  3. Love the purse! I know what you mean about finding little compartments! It's so exciting :)

  4. @Summer: I love organising my purse ;D Can't wait to wear my necklace soon! Hope you're having a good weekend too :) Aww that's so sweet! XOXO

    @Emma: I'm such a nerd when it comes to purses and things like that... soft leathery feels and lots of sections = a very happy me! XOXO

  5. woop cannot wait for the heated eyelash curler review!

  6. ahh i think i've seen the china doll in accessorize D: it's cute~ we need an accessorize here ):

  7. Great haul! The china doll necklace is sooo adorable! We dont have Accessorize here, boo.

  8. I love buying purses as well but I think I have found the ultimate one for the time being which I got from Urban Outfitters - its like a snake box purse, sounds odd but its soo nice.

    Will be good to see a review on the No7 heated curlers - I've never really been convinced that any would do the job better than normal eyelash curlers.


  9. @Sharon: We definitely do ;) But then it would get overrun by chavs haha, I think there's a Monsoon and Accessorize in Hitchin?

    @Janice: Ahh Accessorize is amazing, a tiny bit overpriced, but amazing all the same :)

    @Fee: I think I know which one you mean, I adore Urban Outfitters! Haven't shopped there in about 2 months though :( A review will be coming soon, I've already used them once, but will review after a couple of uses :)


  10. oooo I have that necklace x) isn't it adorable?!?


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