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Long time no speak ;) Successfully filled an entire folder with my portfolio pieces and I haven't yet found the motivation to go and purchase a new one, so I have some spare time to blog properly at last. Also, I have now reached 51 followers and 600+ blog views :D Thank you thank you thank you! This means a lot to me :) Giveaway at 150 followers I think!

On Tuesday, I purchased 2 Lush soaps which I am finally reviewing for you!

The Godmother Soap
£2.65 - 100g

I bought a lovely big chunk of this soap! It smells unbelievably good; so nice and sweet! It is a pretty feminine soap, so I would recommend keeping it in your bathroom, rather than making your kitchen etc. smell girly :)

Unlike most of the Lush soaps, this one is made for your hands only. Clearly I'm a douche and have since attempted to use it in the shower. Complete and utter fail. It is really moisturising for your hands (definitely not on your body... copious amounts of cocoa body butter were used to counteract this!) It smells exactly like Snow Fairy shower gel, which is a popular Lush product.

Verdict? Slice it into little pieces and keep in your bathroom. I live in Uni halls of residence so my kitchen is chaos anyway, but I would generally presume that this soap would get erm, wasted(?) in your kitchen? So worth the buy.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
£2.95 - 100g

This is probably one of the most popular Lush soaps in existence! I had a lovely long 'heated discussion' with Heather (friend from Uni) about which soap was better; Porridge vs. Honey I Washed The Kids. Comments below with your opinion?

This smells like caramel and toffee and vanillary kind of things. YUM. It is one of my favourite Lush scents. It doesn't lather amazingly, and isn't the most moisturising of products, but it is so worth the purchase for the amazing scent!

What are your favourite LUSH soaps? Any recommendations for me?



  1. I love Snow Fairy! I think i need to get The Godmother. No idea you could only use it for your hands though. :(

  2. I know :( I used it in the shower on Wednesday night, then went on the Lush website to check the product price for my blog post tonight, and it says it's for the hands! Hasn't done any damage to me though :p XOXO

  3. Mmm you should defo try out Rockstar Soap - OMG that scent is heaven to me. Smells so much like candy <333

    Thank you for following my dear, really appreciate it !


  4. Oooh I shall definitely give that a try soon :) Thank you! I love the sweet smelling Lush products, my flatmates always tell me I smell like a sweet shop after I've showered haha.

    You're welcome lovely, your blog is adorable! XOXO

  5. Trust me you'll love it !! It's one of those soups that makes you want to stay in the shower for hours!

    Lucky to live in Australia .. I would LOVE to live in the UK !! We should do an exchange of lives or something hehe !!


  6. Ahh I may pick some up when I'm in town later ;) Although I have quite a few products on the go at the moment!

    Haha, yes we should! I've never been to Australia, it would be so so amazing to holiday there some time :) XOXO

  7. Wow you spend a lot of money at Lush:p
    I love their soaps! my favorite is Angel's Delight, it looks so cute and pretty and the smell is heavenly! they only sell it at Christmas so I'm not sure if they sell it now...
    I never tried Honey I Washed The Kids but I adore everything with honey!

  8. Haha I know :) The water in Southampton makes my skin really dry, and my usual products weren't up to the challenge so I've gone back to splurging at Lush! Aww, I love their Christmas prods... If you like honey, you'll love Honey I Washed The Kids :) XOXO

  9. I love SandStone (at least I think That's what it's called!) smells like lemon and on one end it has like a scrub and on the other end is the soap! Great way to get rid of dead skin cell whilst moisturizing your skin in the process! x x

  10. Oooh that sounds good! I always need to use a scrub as well as soap/shower gel haha. XOXO


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