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I went on another Lush splurge with Heather earlier (: Nothing like a good shopping trip to make you feel good about yourself! I was rather enticed by the thought of purchasing more lovely goodies for my weekend home, and ended up buying a few items ;) I bought: Candy Fluff Dusting Powder, Sweet Lips Lip Scrub, Space Girl Bath Ballistic (squee for new Lush prod!) and a Ma Bar Bubble Bar. Of course while I'm at uni, I don't have a bath so the last 2 products will be reviewed at the weekend.
I was happy with my overall purchase, although I wish I'd thought to buy another facemask, but I can always do that when my current one expires. My total haul came to £14.90 - bargainous times :D And also, the Southampton staff were very helpful today, even when the store was packed with customers.

Candy Fluff Dusting Powder
800g - £6.10

I was actually recommended this product by my friend Tess, and I am glad that I trusted her opinion and spent a whopping £6.10 on this. I will most definitely be getting a LOT of uses out of this.

The Candy Fluff Dusting Powder is a sparkly powder to be used all over the body. Apparently, fans of Snow Fairy over the Christmas period will be a fan of this, because it has the same scent. If so, I am gutted that I didn't buy any of the special Christmas products, because this smells so sweet and yummy. It reminds me of sherbets and parma violets.

Also, the girl in the store told me to sprinkle some on my bed before I sleep because it is super-absorbant, and would soak up excess sweat and oils, and leaves you smelling gorgeous in the morning. Definitely worth the purchase!

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
25g - £4.50

I suffer from seriously chapped lips, not just in the Winter, but all year round, so I was extremely happy to have tried this product in-store last week and to have found it worked really well on my lips. The product itself is pretty much sugar mixed with oil extracts but I don't care, the Sweet Lips one smells ah-ma-zing ;) All you do is take a little bit out of the pot, rub it between your lips and enjoy the results ;D

The only real downside to this is that it leaves sugar particles on your lips, so you NEED a compact mirror! Unless you desperately want to look like you've been eating cakes without wiping your mouth after. The best part? You get to lick it off after and it tastes better than ANY cake out there!

And as I said previously, the other 2 products will be reviewed at the weekend! Until then... happy Lush splurging ^___________^ ♥



  1. love the new look of your blog! adorable ;D

  2. Thank you :D I spent all night on it because my episode of 90210 wouldn't load *cries* XOXO

  3. i bought the bubblegum one as i'm not a huge fan of chocolate. absolutely adorable! love the smell and the taste as well as the result! will be posting my own review when i get some inspiration lol will link you obv xx

  4. i really wana try one of the lip scrubs, but im scared ill end up eating it! haha x

  5. @Roxie: I always eat mine haha! It smells so nice it'd be a shame not to eat it after you've used it! ;)


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