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Yesterday I went to London Fashion Weekend accompanied by my lovely friend Tasha. London Fashion Weekend is the shopping event held for the public after Fashion Week. We both bought Gold tickets, which included entry to the event, a catwalk ticket and a showbag. It was a ridiculously long day but so so SO worth all the effort. I was up by about 6:30am to get ready for the day!

Once there, the event was so much smaller than the LFWE in September... I'm not quite sure why this was. Fashion tent was bigger though I think, but this time there was only one venue with several floors. And no wristband! :( The showbag was also a bit of a disappointment as well.

There was a huge collection of amazing goodies :) It's such a shame I'm low on funds (kind of) and couldn't afford to buy more than a few things.

Which leads me to my purchases ;) I bought an adorable Rubber Cow Company scarf from their Alice in Wonderland range. I do realise I have a slight obsession with AiW at the moment haha.

After looking at lots of stands with beautiful one-off jewellery, I was tempted to just splurge the rest of my money on necklaces I probably don't need. Then, Tasha and I wandered upstairs in one of the galleries and... LUELLA! I absolutely love Luella, and had actually told myself I wouldn't get another Luella handbag until I was out of my student debts. But um... THIS little beauty stole my heart once again.

Parker Shoulder Bag - Original Price £395 - LFWE Price £125
The Rubber Cow Company Scarf - LFWE Price £10
Apologies for quality of photos, I can't find my card-reader so had to take it on my phone.

This has been the best purchase of my life! I wanted this SO much when I saw it first in December. It reminds me of the kind of bag that Alexa Chung is typically snapped wearing.

Then we went into the Catwalk Tent to see the show. Tasha and I got front row! ;D This has been one of my favourite fashion shows that I've seen, along with Winter Wonderland at Clotheshow Live 2009. Showcasing four looks, including Candy Rock, Swallows & Amazons, Vintage Glamour and then Betsy Johnson's full SS10 collection, it was amazing!

As my Twitter followers will know, I've been working on a SS10 magazine project recently, so it comes as no surprise that the Candy Rock collection was my favourite.

After the show, we wandered to Covent Garden for a little look around. I discovered the most adorable interiors place, full of little charms and trinkets. The store was called Sass and Belle. Next time I'm in London, I am definitely stocking up on things for my room from here! Perfect for those with shabby chic rooms ;)

Then we had a look in Covent Garden's LUSH, which has got to be my favourite branch. Because the Covent Garden market hall is only small, the store goes underground, and lined with LUSH goodies, it looks like a treasure cove. So cute. Definitely worth a visit if you're there.

Did anyone else pick up pretty goodies this weekend?

I won't really have access to a computer until Wednesday, so I will hopefully see you all then. Turning 19 on Tuesday... what a strange thought!



  1. Ooooh, good to know about Sass & Belle! I'm moving in July, and my sister and I are going to decorate it all in shabby chic. We need lots of lovely things!

    So jealous of your LFWE finds. Especially that bag. Oh, beautiful.

    Happy birthday for Tuesday!

  2. Aahh good luck very much in advance for your move ♥ It is so adorable in there, the store is just in Covent Garden, in the market area, kind of hard to describe haha!

    It was such a good day, the photo really doesn't do it any justice! You'll have to go to the next LFWE ;)

    Thank you sweety XOXO

  3. Ooo I use to have a Luella Purse, an ex brought me it but it had to many bad memories with it now. Yet I can't remember for the life of me if I threw it away or threw it into a drawer. Maybe i'll re-find it again someday!

  4. I love Luella, everything is so girly and pretty and perfect haha :) Aw no, I can imagine! Haha, maybe you will, Luella pieces will be gems in the future! XOXO


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