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Ins & Outs #1

♥ Chinese New Year is here! Yay for spending quality time with the family receiving red packets, spreading good luck and fortune, and making Granny happy by eating lots of food at hers tonight.

♥ Quoting inanely from my favourite girly movies, "Mean Girls" and "A Cinderella Story" with the sister ;)

♥ My brother bought me some Vimto =D Yummy!

♥ I've now reached 30 followers! Thank you so much :) Am considering doing a giveaway when I hit 150 followers, depending on my money flow haha.

♥ Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland palette will be released in the UK on 28th Feb! *squee* This means it will be out just in time for my 19th birthday, shall be dropping hints to the 'rents when they return from work.

♥ Jedward tweeting 'Happy Valentine's' to Taylor Swift. So adorable haha :3

♥ Valentine's Day, the film. Went to see this in the cinema with my brother and sister, for lack of having a Valentine this year. It was quite a cute film actually, lots of sweet and funny parts in it.

♥ Not being in Southampton while my local LUSH store run their Valentine's events and have the Retro Valentine's range available for the weekend only :( Really wanted to buy a Butterball shower gel, a Fairy Jasmine and Luverly...

♥ Having to bath in pomelo... I hate this tradition with a passion.

♥ The girls who were ridiculously loud in the cinema. I officially hate you.

♥ Snow + ballet flats = fail. I wish I knew it was going to snow today :(

♥ Valentine's Day. Lack of a Valentine leads to me being quite uninterested this year I'm afraid! Happy Valentine's to all my beautiful followers though, love you ;)


  1. happy Chinese New Year bby! i remember back in 2004 they did this with the eiffel tower for the CNY:
    pretty nice, huh! :D

  2. Thank you :) Wow, that looks so beautiful! I seriously can't wait til I visit Paris again, if I get some spare time, we should go for coffee or something? I think one of the days, we'll be spending doing tourist things like visit the Eiffel tower and the Louvre, etc.

  3. aww yay, would be so nice to meet you in person! :D
    & i'm sure you're gonna have a blast in paris! it's such an amazing city!


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