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Listening To: A self-made Big Bang and Jay Chou playlist. It sounds weird but it works; I'm currently rediscovering my old love for 'Lies' and 'Haru Haru'. And listening to Jay Chou always puts me in a good mood.

Eating/Drinking: Coco Pops accompanied by a HUGE mug of coffee. Still wish I had a coffee machine with me... making my own is such an effort and tastes funny.

Wearing: My 'I ♥ Paris' tourist shirt from last summer and checkered pink and black pyjama bottoms. OOTD anyone? Haha, I joke ;)

♥ Working on my fashion, culture and history essay at the moment. Although the deadline isn't for another six weeks, I am so organised and such a complete nerd that I had to get started on it. I'm seriously stressing that I'm going to fail... And I have a huge stack of reading to get through as well, which just keeps building up.

♥ Travelling a ridiculous amount over this next week and a half. I'm planning on a relaxation day, spent mostly indoors if possible, catching up on work and things. Tomorrow I'll be up at 7am to get ready for London Fashion Weekend, out the door by 9am to meet Tasha and get the train. Then I'm going home from London :D Thennn, on Tuesday I'm going to London for the day and back to Uni from there. And to add to the mix, next Thursday I'm off to Paris for a long weekend.

♥ I went to see 'The Lovely Bones' at the cinema on Wednesday. It wasn't all it was hyped up to be in my opinion haha. It was quite emotional in parts though. I also bought the book yesterday, and read a chapter of it this morning. The book > the film.

♥ I'm getting sick of running out of money. Hate budgeting, or attempting to budget. There are so many things that I want to buy but I have no money at all.

♥ SO excited for Alice in Wonderland 3D to come out =D I cannot believe my livestream of the premiere cut out last night. Even hearing the music and about all the surrounding products is making me happy!

♥ My birthday on Tuesday is officially being spent at home! Or part of it anyway. Spending the morning at home, the afternoon with Florence and the evening in Southy with the flatmates!

♥ Finally: love the colour schemes of the fashion glossies at the moment. Marie Claire, ELLE and InStyle currently all sport pastel purple and pink colours - so adorable.



  1. love breakfasts like these: coffee & a large bowl of coco pops/ honey pops (my faves :)
    & all the fashion weeks travelling sounds amazing! have fun bby!! & maybe i'll see you in Paris :D
    upcoming birthday = yay! birthdays are the best! hope you'll get a lot of cute pressies ;)
    didn't notice that all the fashion mags are following the pastel color trend, that's nice! i looove pastel colors!!

  2. Mmm, nothing like a nice breakfast to start the day! Yeaah hopefully I will be able to, if my BBM works when I'm in Paris, I'll message you in the morning and see if you can come meet me?

    I love birthdays too, especially my own ;) Four more days to go!

  3. ok! btw, which day are you coming to paris?? i'll bbm you my number, so you can text me if bbm doesn't work :)

  4. I'm coming on Thursday, will arrive in the late morning or afternoon, and leaving Sunday afternoon :) Okay sweety!


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