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What happens when... Celebrities think they are creative and want money.

Celebrity fashion lines. Every so-called celebrity has one, whether they're an A-lister (rarely) or a D-lister (as the majority of them are) I can't help thinking that celebrities are only turning to fashion now as an easy source of income. Many of these celebs have already explored the entertainment business and ventured into the many 'get-rick-quick' schemes available to them, such as launching perfume ranges, fitness DVDs and more. How often is it that such fashion collections that stem from these become popular in the fashion world?

Sometimes however, a celebrity fashion collections becomes a fully fledged label in its own right, take the following for instance:

Kate Moss at Topshop
(image sourced at Google images)

Many people, myself included, were sceptical about Kate Moss' then designing stint for Topshop, thinking it would just be an extension to her wardrobe with no additional designing effort. My my how wrong we were! Topshop paid Kate £3million for her work :O And as her first collection launched on 30 April 2007, all of us in the UK were stunned at her skills.

I personally love the Kate Moss range for Topshop. It is pretty much an extension of her wardrobe; you see Miss Moss flaunting her designs on herself everwhere! Although some criticise it as being 'made for skinny girls', the range is extremely wearable with a variety of day and evening clothing.

Sienna and Savannah Miller (Twenty8Twelve)
(image sourced at Google images)

Now I have never been a big fan of Sienna Miller circa 2006. I never really bought into the boho trend, therefore never bothered to think much into and of Sienna Miller. I'm not sure I'm even qualified to critique her, seeing as I haven't seen her acting or modelling work (Yes, she really has done it all!). She launched her collection with sister Savannah in 2007, and it has pretty damn well :O

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (The Row, Elizabeth & James)
(image sourced at Google images)

Followers who personally know me or already know me quite well will know of my pure adoration of Mary-Kate and Ashley. I absolutely LOVE these girls and have done since their Two of A Kind days haha. /endnerd. Watching these girls grow up at the same time pretty much that I have has meant that their style has rubbed off on me. I love their ability to go from a casual look to glam and gorgeous for the red-carpet; Ashley especially is always appropriate for events.

The Row is more of a high-end fashion line, but my favourite is their Elizabeth & James line, which is a "contemporary collection" inspired by unique vintage pieces from their personal wardrobes. If only I could afford to own a slice of Olsen clothing-pie...

Lauren Conrad (LC by Lauren Conrad, The Lauren Conrad Collection)
(image sourced at Google images)

I love Lauren Conrad perhaps a little too much but Lauren's venture in the fashion industry was a bit lacking in my non-expert opinion. Notice how I use the word "venture", when her all-along aim has been to design clothes?

I think overexposure in LA, on reality television and other endorsements has made me a tad overcritical of her designing... *sad face* Her pieces are gorgeous, if not ridiculously simple and overpriced. Lauren is a prime example of why I am critical of celebrity-fashion lines - she has now also endorsed make-up products and written her own books. *more sad faces*

Nicole Richie (House of Harlow 1960)
(image sourced at Google images)

And to end on a positive note (I was going to write about Nicole's former best friend, Paris Hilton, but I'd be here forever just ranting about her! :P) I LOVE Nicole's jewellery collection. As a reality TV starlet, it could have been so easy for Nicole to go down the route of endorsing every possible random product (Paris for BK anyone? Haha!), but instead, Nicole has designed a classy and beautiful range of jewellery named after her daughter, and she seems totally serious about the collection.

Whew. Long post, sorry about that haha! So, celebrity fashion lines: Yay or nay? Comments?



  1. nice article again! i agree on the yay AND nay to celebrity fashion lines. i had no idea that so many of them were also in the clothing/ design industry besides their acting etc. careers, wow!

    anyways, i really hope that lauren conrad will make it further as a designer, as she always told that this is what she wants to do... but as for now, i'm not so sure this will happen as she's doing so many different things at the same time (clothing lines, books, maybe movie production and what not), seems more like she's doing all of this just for fun and for the money... which is maybe not that bad after all, as long as she's happy with it! i love her anyways & i'm looking forward what "made-by-LC" is to come next! :)

    love nicole richie's jewellery line!!

    & ps: did you know mischa barton had a handbag line?? (

  2. I know, it seems that everyone thinks they can become fashion designers now! Yeah, I think Lauren should stay away from the writing and go back to her clothing line... I'm reading her books now :) Maybe after she's tried everything out, she'll go back to designing :) And yes, I did =O I haven't heard much hype about it though lolll~


  3. I basically agree with you on the whole topic.
    Sometimes the designer's passion is in question & when a person has so many other things to fall back on, they may not put as much effort into the line. I started reading L.A. Candy but I've been so busy I haven't had much time to finish it. Oh + I love Mary-Kate and Ashley too ;)

    Thank you for following my blog!
    Yours is really cute.

    xx, Melissa

  4. they all are so ahhmazing.
    i need to shop baddd.

  5. @Melissa: Yeah exactly, I have no problem with them branching out etc. but its hardly something to do for fun when there are so many talented undiscovered designers out there. I adore Mary Kate and Ashley haha, ever since their Two of A Kind and twin film days! :) Thank you for the follow, yours is adorable :O!

    @JuicyJ: Haha I know, I wish I had unlimited money or a winning Lottery ticket! :(


  6. Oh jesus have you seen Avril Lavigne's clothing line? It's hideous!
    I think it's entirely understandable to want to do more than one thing in your career and celebrities are lucky enough to have that oppertunity. But most of the time, I would definately say it's just a easy source of income! Although fair play to Gwen Stefani - she'd been making her stage outfits for years beforehand.

  7. Haha no I haven't actually, I used to quite like Avril Lavigne, although apparently she looked pretty bad at the Alice in Wonderland premiere :S May have to look at it!

    I swear half of these celebs don't design for their lines as well... Ohh Gwen Stefani's line is a definite win :) She's different in that she's gone from music to more designer now :)


  8. She looked okaaaay, pretty boring in comparison to what she usually wears .. even if it is awful haha. She looks way old these days!!


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