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As the fashion glossies bring out their Spring/Summer 2010 predictions, I thought I would accompany them with my own guide and thoughts on Spring and Summer trends.

I've never been a fan of S/S as a season in all honesty, and this is most probably because my favourite season is Autumn in general. The fashion season doesn't bring anything new or exciting to the scene, or anything spectacularly different from the previous years' take on S/S. I'd been getting sick of magazines reporting that florals were on trend for the Spring and nautical would be on trend for the Summer. How extremely original.

This year however, the glossy and expensive pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle caught my attention and have even managed to make it into my inspiration scrapbook :D

Perhaps the most shocking turnaround of this new season has been that Burberry have finally won me over! It is always refreshing when a particular fashion show catches your eye so much that your entire opinion of something is changed.

I had never been a fan of Burberry, preferring romantic Parisian fashion as opposed to classic British styles, and especially with Burberry's 'Chav' persona, but with the Burberry Prorsum collection for S/S, I could even go as far as saying I would happily purchase entire outfits from the catwalk, given the money. They embraced the trend of nude colouring and mixed it with an original twist on tailoring; classic trench coats, fairytale-esque dresses and platform sandals were reworked with ruching and cinched waists.

Someday, I promise I will own a Burberry trench coat.

Oh and Emma Watson looked stunning in these new print adverts with her brother. Agree?

One of my favourite words, as you may have noticed by now, is 'pretty', meaning girly and well, pretty. As seen in February 2010's UK Vogue, 'Pretty Chic' is the latest rage for S/S. Replacing the typical pastel Easter-egg colours, we now have pinks and purples in all shades imaginable dominating the catwalk, and the girlishness of Vogue's cover is just the start of it.

Fairytale-esque, floaty chiffon and tulle dresses and delicate frills featured on almost every piece on the catwalks of the likes of Luella (Queen of Pretty Chic, didn't you know?), Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, Dior and more. Of course, too much pretty would be sickly; counteract the candyfloss with sexy thigh-high socks and edgy cuts.

As in the 1960's, underwear is once again making the transition to outerwear, with elaborate corsets and lace becoming the biggest thing since Balmain's shoulder pads trend of last season. My personal favourite lace piece at the moment are these gorgeous Louboutin peep toe shoe boots.

Underwear as outerwear is not difficult to tackle - a corset worn underneath a tailored shirt and loose-fitting shorts is the perfect way to work this trend without being overtly risque.

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  1. amazing entry! i'm feeling the fashion journalism student :) mwaaah♥


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