Spring To-Do List

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Things to do this spring.
With spring firmly in our grasp, I thought it was about time I popped out another to-do list! I’ve been writing these seasonal lists for a year now and find that I do end up completing almost everything on them. I post them here and then handwrite a version for my wall! Quaint and cutesy – but true!

  • Visit Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.
  • No clothes/make-up/skincare shopping.
  • Get back into twice-weekly yoga at the very least.
  • Drink more water or you will die. (But really.)
  • Skype my UK bunch more.
  • Learn and perfect the dances to CLC – ‘Pepe’ and miss A – ‘Only You’.
  • Pack a bag with a beach towel, book and iPod and go to the beach.
  • Try that ‘amazing Tonkotsu restaurant’ in Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • Snip my hair again. Miss my lob.
  • Treat my Granny to yum cha and a granddaughter-granny day out.
  • Go on a long walk once a week.
  • Grow some new plants.
  • Document one thing daily that makes me happy.
  • Refresh my apartment with brighter colours and new blooms.


Korean Fried Chicken + Beer

Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Mr. Korea Chicken, Causeway Bay
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Mr. Korea Chicken, Causeway Bay
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Mr. Korea Chicken, Causeway Bay
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Mr. Korea Chicken, Causeway Bay
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Mr. Korea Chicken, Causeway Bay

21/F, Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
What’s a girl to do when boys are being boys and not men? Head out for Korean fried chicken and beer.

A few weeks ago, we stumbled upon Mr. Korea Chicken – a no-frills chicken shop situated in Causeway Bay, of course. The concept is simple: sit down, order chicken, listen to K-pop and have a darn good time. In fact that whole idea of eating Korean chicken and drinking beer popularised when the Korean drama ‘My Love From The Stars’ went viral and I’d been dying to sample the real deal (or as close to it) for ages. KFC and a Corona isn’t quite the same ;)

Sophia and I ordered the messiest meal ever. We opted for the Soy-Garlic Chicken which was a huge tower of deep fried chicken coated with a soy-garlic glaze. Soft, succulent and tender chicken with a flavoursome sauce, we happily chowed down on our toppling tower that had no end in sight! Beer wise, we chose Hite, a light and refreshing option to go alongside all the fried goodness. Chicken, check. Beer, check. Music? Check. Mr. Korea Chicken plays a plethora of K-pop music videos and weekly music shows including M! Countdown and Inkigayo.

Was it good? Y-e-s. So good. My only qualm is that the platters are so huge you can’t really do that thing of ordering a couple of dishes to share. It’s certainly a group meal place and definitely not a date destination! I would also recommend asking for disposable gloves and taking hand sanitiser with you: we didn’t realise you could ask for gloves and it was a messy, messy affair.


Tiny Trinkets

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Top, Topshop; Branch necklace, c/o Daisy Mae Jewellery.
Currently I'm all about delicate jewellery and focusing on one or two trinkets to dress up an outfit. I really tend to go through phases with accessorising: either I stack lots on, bohemian inspired, or I keep to my faithful classics. Lately though I've been switching out that necklace I always wear (a diamond from my Daddy for my eighteenth birthday!) for this branch necklace by Daisy Mae Jewellery.

I adore the simplicity of its clean yet crooked lines. Simplicity is key to dressing and accessorising here, I've learnt. I was always one to skimp on jewellery when on holiday and it rings true even now. Less layers in all senses of the term are key in Hong Kong's humidity. I already penned some notes on the perfect little charm bracelets from Daisy Mae Jewellery but I wanted to share this necklace too (: so clean and perfectly reminiscent of my love for hanging in woodlands and near lakes.

What's your summertime jewellery style?


Little Things

April things.
  1. Spring blooms.
  2. Matcha lattes sipped whilst playing Pokemon Omega Ruby.
  3. White tee, black lace bra, boyfriend jean and slip-ons outfits.
  4. Finally starting Suits and Once Upon A Time! (goodbye life)
  5. Bayside walks.
  6. 3am Skype calls with my family.
  7. My new baby blue duster jacket.
  8. Pink lips for spring!
  9. Afternoons spent with a book and a quiet iPod playlist listened to through really good headphones.
  10. Having holiday and visitor plans in the diary.


Thoughts When Every Day Feels Like A Holiday

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On life when every day feelings like a holiday.
Some days I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Every day feels like a holiday and that's what you want really, right? For work to feel like play, play to be something you feel daily gratitude for, the two work together seamlessly. I've read countless quotes or heard from #allthepeople that they strive for every day to feel like vacation and I'm oh so lucky to feel like that now.

Perhaps it's because my five-year plan included moving to Hong Kong and by a stroke of a miracle I managed to do that five days after deciding to include it in the 5YP. Perhaps it's merely because I live in the place that I grew up visiting annually.

But more recently I've been struggling with a semblance of FOMO. The modern day struggle of 'fear of missing out'. Last year in 2014 I wanted to do more, see more and be more. So I set out to make the most of every ounce of spare time. I went from being cosied up in my comfort zone – at home with my 3DS, laptop and books – to city hopping, town hopping, road trips and holidays every weekend. Before I sat down to write this post I worked out how many at-home weekends I had in 2014 and it was about 5.

I can’t quite put my finger on what has displaced me so much as of late. ‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear,’ or so they say. I forced myself out of my comfort zone so much that I can’t remember what is comforting to me anymore. When I’m home I want to be out making the most of my time; when I’m out I’m counting down the minutes until I can be home. Perhaps it is also in part because my life feels like a constant holiday too. Do you ever get that feeling towards the end of a holiday where you want to get the most out of sunbathing/exploring/etc.? I think that’s how I feel now – only constant. I’m struggling with the idea of pausing, taking stock, slowing things back down to the gentle pace that I once loved so much.

Have you ever felt like this? Notes on a postcard/comment if you have any tips for feeling restful in moments like these.