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The September Issue a.k.a. Your One-Stop Guide to Early AW14

September, to me, is a clean slate from which to start afresh. It’s the start of a new school term, University year and work-wise, I approach it with renewed ambition and all that jazz. September and autumn always mark a shiny new start for me and I love refreshing the ol’ wardrobe, handbag essentials, stationery stash and bookmarks bar ready for it.

Weekend Wear
Style-wise, this season I’m investing heavily in the duster coat. Get ready because you’re going to see these on every blog, shop, magazine and style maven in the vicinity. I really like this Warehouse windowpane check offering, this New Look one and this more indulgent jersey Topshop one.

I’m imagining it teamed with a roll neck cropped jumper, high waisted jeans and peeptoe heeled boots, but I like to be over-prepared like that. I’m also seriously obsessed with trainers for some bizarre reason and am pretty likely to invest in the adidas by Stella McCartney Stella Boost II ones. So pretty. And because this is Michelle and Daisybutter, I’m coveting the Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Université leather shoulder bag. Because I obviously need another bag.

The Work/School/Uni Closet
Bringing things back down to Earth, if we’re talking practical clothing and all that, these Topshop Jamie jeans are going to see you through sleepy Monday mornings and I’m-ready-for-gin Friday afternoons at Uni. I’m also obsessed with metallic shoes for slipping in a bold statement without really making too much effort (c’mon, stick feet in, walk out of the door…!) so these Topshop TIKA2 sparkle slip ons go straight in the mix. This season hallmarks the crisp white shirt which is good news for err’one. *insert hand clapping emoji here* I really like this Warehouse update. And for another I-didn’t-see-that-coming point, you probe need some tailored joggers in your profesh closet. Wear it with this H&M sweatshirt, heels, flats, Converse, you name it.

Bag Lady
It has been oft-documented that I, Michelle Chai, am a bag lady. New season, NEW BAGZ. I’m an advocate for getting a new (school)bag once September rolls round: last year it was my Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder, this year it’s looking like a Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Université leather shoulder bag. But for the purpose of this post and school/Uni recommendations, I would totes recommend giving Primark a browse (Sophie Hulme-alikes alert!), Topshop for their leather backpacks and bucket bags that I own about 5 of, and also H&M for a quick fix.

Paper, Snow, A Ghost!
Stationery nerds, assemble. You need just three new bits of stationery once you’ve outgrown buying all of WHSmith with your Mum for school. A new diary (Mochi Things will have you covered), new pens and pencils (mine are from The Lovely Things run by Melissa) and some too-cute-to-stick Post-its. Some of my favourite online destinations for these include: Mochi Things, The Magic Notebook and YesStyle.

Sites to Bookmark Now
Finally, a post from an Internet obsessive wouldn’t be complete without some sites and blogs to bookmark ready for any downtime from dissertation hell (I won’t sugar coat your situation, final years), meeting disasters and Typically Bad Days. But some classics in my bookmark bar include Man Repeller, Preserve (Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site), Chapter Friday, Shasummerwine and Blogger’s Bookshelf. Oh and add me on Instagram while you’re there - promise I’ll be adding more holiday snaps soon!

September essentials - done. Let’s do this, new month.


Delving into the online book community with Ria and Erin


On getting involved in the book community, online. Guest edited by Ria and Erin at Blogger's Bookshelf.
Hi, Ria & Erin here and we co-run a book blog called Blogger's Bookshelf!

Back in 2012, the two of us were looking for an outpost to share book reviews and other literary inspired content online. Our solution was to set up an entirely new blog and assemble a crack team of bloggers to help us out to create a space to rant and review books. A year later we've now expanded out our posts to cover literary events, author and blogger interviews and group discussions, but getting involved in the online book community doesn't have to be that complicated!

We've come up with a few tips on diving into the world of book blogging, vlogging and literary chatter!

1. Goodreads Is Your New BFF - As well as being a handy way to keep track of both your past and future reads Goodreads is also the perfect place to network, so if you haven’t already got an account what are you waiting for? Make friends and connect with other bloggers by joining groups, adding contacts and taking part in readathons.

2. Tweet About It! - Another great way to get involved in the community is through Twitter chats such as #BookADay, #bookbloggers, #amreading & #UKYA. All the well-known publishers can also be found on Twitter so if you want to keep up to date with all the latest news follow some of our favourites, including @HotKeyBooks, @randomhouse, @penguinUKbooks, and @BloomsburyBooks. Often these publishers run regular Twitter giveaways, so you can score some freebies too if you're lucky! Authors are also some of the loveliest, funniest and most interesting Twitter-ers around. YA authors in particular are now more active on Twitter so it's worth searching some of your favourites up.

3. The World Of Booktube - as well as Goodreads & Twitter, YouTube is a great place to find fellow book enthusiasts! If you’re new to the world of ‘booktube’ we'd recommend the following to get you started: The Readables, Books & Quills, Bookables, Jessethereader, polandbananasbooks and littlebookowl. Alternatively type the name of a book into YouTube’s search box and you’ll be sure to find lots of videos to watch!


How about BookTubing?.
4. Other Ways To Get Involved – the book blogging community is a friendly place so why not reach out to your favourite bloggers directly? A simple tweet or comment on a review you enjoyed is a great way to join in and make new friends who may one day become your readers! If you want to work together perhaps suggest a collaborative project, find out if they accept guest posts (FYI Blogger’s Bookshelf does!), join in with memes or even team up and create a blog together like we did!

5. You Don’t Have To Be Rich – similarly to other blogging genres there seems to be an illusion that you need to constantly be spending out on new books to have great content – this isn’t the case! Whilst its not always easy to resist the pull of a hyped up new release just remember, you don’t have to cover every single one, be selective and only opt for titles that really appeal to you.

6. Grow Your Profile As A Reviewer - As your blog grows with it may come opportunities to receive ARCs (advanced reader copies). You can even seek these out on your own by joining a site like Netgalley where you can request titles from an online catalogue – the more you receive, read and review honestly the better your chances of your future requests being approved. You can find out more about Netgalley in this post.
Now over to you guys! Have you discovered any other ways of delving into the online book community? Who should we be following?


I'm going to Hong Kong!

Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: Michelle Chai
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: Michelle Chai
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: Michelle Chai

It's time again for the annual trip back to my home away from home - Hong Kong. I'm surprised I've managed to keep it pretty quiet on the social media front actually, usually I'm gushing all over Twitter and Facebook about heading back, but this summer has been all sorts of crazy (in the best way) and I've hardly had time. Lucky you, eh?

So I'm flying this evening for 10 days back in the city of my dreams. Daily dim sum, street food markets, tong sui nights and humid days, be mine. If I'm honest, 70% of me going back is the obligatory, let immigration know I'm alive and thus keep my HK Residents' ID up and running. But I'm actually also going to be at JYP Nation tomorrow so, y'know, expect me to be married to Wooyoung from 2PM by next week ;) I'm also planning to stock up on skincare - I'll throw some recommendations together for you next month - give my best friend a proper farewell as she's moving to HK, catch up with my girl Winnie and maybe even rope Jade in for the ride. But most of all ;; I'm darn excited for a change of scenery, to relax and unplug, and just lap up being in my favourite city.

Catch you approx. 5,943 miles away from here on Twitter and Instagram? Alrighty.

Photos by Louise Chai.


A Daisy Dream

"Hi, my online alias is Daisybutter and I don't like Marc Jacobs' Daisy."

I feel like I just committed the ultimate in female 18-25 sins by confessing that Marc Jacobs' Daisy fragrance just doesn't do it for me. Light, fresh and floral, it was supposed to be my signature scent when I bought it shortly after creating my blog. Alas, 5 years on and I still can't get on with it. (Mama Daisy is a huge fan, however!)

Enter Marc Jacobs' Daisy Dream. This summer's most talked about and coveted scent. I finally caved and bought this in Brighton on a sleepy and sunny Sunday after Pride. The bottle is super dreamy and looks ideal nestled on my dressing table.

The fragrance has top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear, with lychee, jasmine and wisteria heart notes. Personally I adore the combination of jasmine, lychee and blackberry, giving a warm yet fresh scent. Base notes include white woods, musks and coconut water, making it great for day or night. Wear wise, I tend to wear it more for lunch dates and evening outings, but I wouldn't class it as an occasion fragrance.
Disclaimer: Bought this myself.


Heartbreakers gonna break

Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, leather jacket, AW14, Lacoste trainers, Celine Trio red
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, leather jacket, AW14, Lacoste trainers, Celine Trio red
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, leather jacket, AW14, Lacoste trainers, Celine Trio red
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, leather jacket, AW14, Lacoste trainers, Celine Trio red
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, leather jacket, AW14, Lacoste trainers, Celine Trio red
Daisybutter - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, leather jacket, AW14, Lacoste trainers, Celine Trio red

A rather sheepish hello and 'happy Bank Holiday' from me today...! Outfit post, eh? It's been a while. For the first time in a really long time, I felt like stepping out and shooting an outfit yesterday. A quick browse tells me that it's been a good 4 weeks since my last outfit post and I'm just about beginning to feel guilty. In the fickle world of "fashion blogging" it can be all too easy to feel too old, too done, too plain, too glasses-laden and all that with hundreds of new blogs popping up by the hour. I've still been wearing clothes, though, lucky for you. And hey, personal style is where this blog started!

Truth be told, I've been finding plenty more to busy myself and the blog with this August. The month is nearly over and I can barely even remember when it began! If being a tad MIA on the outfits front of the blog has taught me anything, it's that there is a whole world to be seen when I'm not working hard on perfecting my wardrobe technique. Life is totes too short fo' dat. Heck, I even did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for a cause that I hold very close to my B2UTY/Cube Ent. girl heart. (It was cold.) Maybe it's time to reconnect with the outfit posts, daily chit-chat and the like again. This Bank Holiday weekend seems to have instilled some happy vibes and a more relaxed tone about my day-to-day life again. Let's catch-up on my AWOL August with a list, eh?

× I went away for a long weekend in Brighton for Pride with my best friends, Kayleigh and Wayne
× Breakfast became a numero uno priority again
× I ran my fastest mile!
× I cemented my relationship with the very same guy from this blog post ❤︎
× Rediscovered my love for books and the printed word
× Less make-up, more sleep
× I went to the theatre for the very first time, accompanied by my sehr dapper boyfriend
× Lily and I flew to Glasgow to see David Guetta live
× I came up with my 5-year plan after about 9 months of life worry and fails
× Holiday time is in T minus 4 days!!


So onto what I wore ;; Sundays are a day of rest followed by a few hours with my crazy family in the evening. For the occasion, a denim smock dress and my beautiful Lacoste trainers are about right for the festivities. I'm slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that autumn is knocking on our doors, so er, the darker red lip and leather jacket came out to play. I'm seriously in love with this jacket now that it's had a couple of weeks to break in -- RI, you did good.