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Haul Couture

On the spending culture that has usurped the blog community.
As a confessed spendaholic and very-impulse buyer, something I'm often asked is 'How can I further my blog and write new content on a budget?'

When I started writing Daisybutter five years ago, I was a shiny new, naive, first year student at Uni. I didn't have enough money or loan to buy food - trust me, my budget for each semester was MINUS £173.86 - and I certainly didn't have money for multiple new outfits a week.

Something that presses on my mind whenever I get these emails from you guys is that there's a culture around hauling and spending money in order to 'run a blog'. Perhaps it stems from the popular haul videos from YouTube or the societal need for new things, new content and new-ness everywhere. I know that some of my most popular posts, analytics wise, are my interpretation of hauls. To put it simply: there is pressure to succeed – by spending. Or is there? Let's chat.


Luna Summer Evenings

On old school blogging, date nights and the summer.
Happy Wednesday! It feels like it's been forever since I sat down and bashed out a sneaky evening post. Sometimes I really miss coming home from Uni, opening up my laptop in my box of a bedroom in halls and cobbling new posts together. LIFE EH. I miss having spare time to play with and Niran's recent article really resonated with me. Time to re-calibrate and find some balance again.

Having said that, this summer is probably the best I've had in years. I'm not much of a summer girl usually but I'm really lapping this year's up. Work is super busy which means the blog hasn't taken a bit of a backseat but I promise I've been tapping away at my MacBook lately: I have 74 draft posts waiting!

This time last week I went on a perfect little date night at an open air cinema. E took me to see Back To The Future - an absolute classic, non? - at Highfield Park in St. Alban's, a short drive from our hometown. He even booked us premium tickets so I got to take two Benefit Cosmetics goodie bags home! Beers, popcorn, ice-cream, a serene setting and the stars - perfect. If you're looking for a fun date idea, we certainly recommend having a look at the Luna Cinema for something showing near you!


PS. A blog I'm loving at the moment is shasummerwine. penned by Sharon. (:


Alexa Chung's It

IT by Alexa Chung, Penguin Paperback. Available from 7th August, RRP £8.99.
Widely talked about and penned by none other than street style maven Alexa Chung, It has been on my To Read list since it arrived on our shores last year. By some twist of fate, I hadn't had a chance to pick it up but am now the proud owner of the new paperback release.

A classic coffee table read in that there isn't too much substance, I found myself flicking through It with a coffee in hand admiring the obvious frivolities of Alexa's life and nosying at the photos deftly included throughout. I half wanted It to be more autobiographical because I love a biography/coffee table fusion but actually this feels really slick and style led and it's a steadfast addition to a book collection.

If you're already a fashion and style kinda girl, there are plenty of icon references and quirky Alexa anecdotes throughout. I'm not a huge Alexa Chung fan but found myself completely immersed in some passages, and the inclusion of plenty of old photographs makes it an interesting read. Alexa chats at length about her film, celebrity and TV style influences, the beginnings of her own style and what her essentials are, a little love, a little life and a smattering of wit and charm.

I found it pretty cool that It included some beauty. It makes sense in hindsight with her recent Eyeko collaboration but it was nice all the same time to read about her signature cat-eye eyeliner look, her favourite beauty icons and just get a one-on-one esque glimpse at how she views beauty and all that aesthetic glory.

I'll be frank here -- about a week ago I was fairly indifferent to Alexa Chung. Yes I'm an owner of a Mulberry Alexa and yes I've adopted a cat-eye in my make-up, but I'd never seen the allure. I really enjoyed seeing things from her eyes and I think it's because we are worlds apart, but It has certainly changed things for me. Oh Alexa, you cool cat.
Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book to consider. All views and opinions are my own. Photographs taken by me and I wasn't paid to create this post, yadda yadda.



Freeb T-shirt; Topshop slip dress; H&M sandals, Longchamp Le Pliage Tote.
Good morning! I have a serious case of can’t-believe-it’s Monday today. Had a really busy weekend including looking after my Granny, puppysitting,hanging out with my toddler cousin (a.k.a. being beaten to a pulp…) and a day as press at Hyper Japan. Needless to say, I am completely drained at the moment! But no rest for the wicked as tonight I’m headed to a Peruvian street food party at Chotto Matte with my friend Sophie - find me on Instagram @winyeemichelle for snaps!

Yesterday I headed to Hyper Japan as I do every year for a day of looking at kawaii treasures, anime, manga, Japanese culture and food. It was really fun as ever with such a great atmosphere this year! I would really recommend heading down to their Christmas Market on the 14th, 15th and 16th November later this year (: I went with Lily and my sister and we had fun chatting, looking at cute things and eating good food!

I wore this slip dress and T-shirt combo which was perfect for a heated summer day in London. The T-shirt is just a freebie from an event (always the most comfy ones!) and the slip is something I picked up in the Topshop sale last year. I teamed it with my H&M sandals that I literally cannot walk in and my Longchamp bag to collect up loads of business cards. There were some really amazing exhibitors at this years’ HJ - look out for a post soon!

Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday - if not, please refer to yesterday’s post ;)


5 Tips To Improve Mondays

On tackling the issue that continues to be Monday.
1. Recount your weekend - once.
Share the highlights of your weekend with someone once. Whether you had a chilled out weekend with a book and a beverage or you were up all night at a festival, remembering your weekend for a few moments more will do wonders for your 9am mood.

2. Switch off at 7pm on Sundays and plan instead.
I've been attempting this more recently by downing tools on a Sunday evening and immersing myself in real life activities and planning forward. Sunday evenings, for me, are spent over at my Granny's house so I'm pretty much away from my phone anyway, but I'm now making more of an effort to engage in conversation with my family or have a run around with my baby cousin. Additionally, once I'm home, I write a list for the week ahead, plan my lunches and prepare Monday's lunch and snacks before getting ready for bed.

3. Open your windows whilst getting ready.
In the AM - particularly during the warmer months - open a window whilst getting ready for a literal burst of fresh air. It'll waken you up, give your bedroom a nice breeze and put you in good stead for a fresh start to the week.

4. Set an alarm for an evening run.
Now this one's a little harder to maintain in my weekly routine: the Monday evening run. But I find that setting an extra alarm for 6:30pm on a Monday to fit in a sneaky 2k run does wonders for Monday moodswings. Fill up your playlist with new music, set a distance on your Nike+ Running app, pull on your kicks and just run. I find a 1-2k run to start the week off dusts away the traumas from the day and wears you out just enough to want a hearty, healthy dinner and Netflix or Essiebutton vlogs upon return.

5. Pick up the phone and make plans with a friend.
On your lunch break, pick up the phone, call a friend that you haven't (or perhaps you have!) seen in a while and make plans. Plan to have a catch-up over brunch, go on a roadtrip, head to the cinema or for a girly night in and stick it in the diary so you have something to look forward to.

... And most of all -- take a breather, it's "just" Monday.