5 Tips for Small Space Living

Lessons learnt on teeny tiny small space living.
If there’s one thing I’ve perfected this month, it’s the art of small space living. Having lived quite comfortably in the family home for 20 or so of my grand 23 years, I’ve become accustomed to having plenty of space, belongings and the like. However, Hong Kong is at quite the other end of the spectrum. Housing moves upwards, not out, and space maximising solutions are the done thing.

1. Declutter.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to get decluttering! Whilst it is a cumbersome task, I took the challenge on whilst balancing the final month in my last full-time job to relatively successful effect. Throw out anything you haven’t routinely used in a year or more. Keep 25% of your sentimental bits and bobs - cinema ticket stubs from 2007 can go. Streamline what’s left into keep, charity and friends piles.

2. Be clever about your storage.
I know it’s, like, lifestyle blogger law to own tons of acrylic storage and stockpile beauty boxes, but be clever about what you store things in. Acrylic storage looks pretty but in a small space, the clutter gets magnified. Consider stackable translucent boxes that can be popped into drawers and behind doors.

3. Furniture that is smarter than [insert celebrity here].
While this doesn’t apply to everyone, I was literally mesmerised when furniture shopping for my apartment here in Hong Kong. Countries that are accustomed to smaller spaces will always accommodate for said smaller spaces. From beds that are a tiny bit smaller to coffee tables that open upwards instead of out, and lower TV units to maximise wall space to MY dressing table that has - wait for it - 13 storage sections, shop around in places aside from Ikea to make your home work as hard as you do.

4. Get ruthless.
As that fateful designated cleaning day rolls around, be completely ruthless about throwing things away. Stop saving all of those pretty Space.NK, L’aduree and Selfridges bags. Upcycle your used candle glasses. Recycle your empty makeup packaging (if you’ve already filmed your haul). And the same goes for clothes! Did you buy a new T-shirt to replace that hole-infested one? Chuck the old one away.

5. Capsule wardrobe a’go’go.
*slow clap* Hell yeah, I did the capsule wardrobe thing. All those dreamy singular rails on Pinterest? One of those is now mine. 4 sweaters, 4 T-shirts, 4 camisoles, 4 shirts, 2 jeans, 4 jackets and leggings. That’s it. Minimising your wardrobe really helps to align your personal style and almost forces you to put a new stamp on your classics. Plus, more room to store random shit that you didn’t quite manage to sort out in #1 and #4 ;) There’s your get-out-of-jail-free card.

What are your top tips for small space living?


Never Grow Up

Another installment from my Taylor Swift takeover series. On not growing up even though we’re supposed to be. (Photo: Michelle, aged 3. Sailormoon game is so strong.)
Packing a juice box in your schoolbag (handbag for work). Going ahead and telling the barista that yes, you would like whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles on your Wednesday afternoon hot chocolate. Keeping VHS tapes in your TV unit because even though they’re chunky chunky monkeys, they remind you of harder times when you had to awkwardly rewind for, like, 15 minutes before watching Peter Pan again. Remembering that atlas book fascination you had when you were 7 and consequently wishing to deck all your rooms with maps.

Biff & Chip – need I say more?! Wishing you could wear sundresses and ankle socks with T-bar shoes. Taking Polly Pocket compacts with you to any occasion that was outside your house – nearly as good as NARS, if not better. Sitting on Dad’s shoulders at the beach because British seasides = hurty feet. Blush Art. Continuing to choose swings at the lakes over sophisticated cocktails at bars for date nights.

What are your favourite childhood memories that you can still kinda relate to?


Oddies Foodies

Oddies, Shop 1F, GF No. 149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
During an infamous post-work enigmatically pro-food driven conversation the other evening, one of my colleagues shared a secret desserts hot spot in Wan Chai and of course I had to grab someone and go, like ASAP.

I met up with fellow blogging BBC, Sophia, at long last and after brunch and a spot of antique window shopping in Sheung Wan, we caught the MTR and walked the short distance to Oddies on Wan Chai Street.

Oddies is a Western fusion dessert destination, serving up the infamous, traditional Hong Kong egglet waffles (雞蛋仔) with ice creams and other typically ‘Western’ sweet treats to create insanely photogenic and tasty concoctions. I went for the classic Night Wolf (HKD52) and Sophia opted for the kitsch Dr. Oddies which came with its’ very own caramel sauce injection.

Night Wolf would be a good choice if you want something with classic flavours and a modern mix. It has a chocolate chip filled Hong Kong egglet waffle popped on top of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with a base of banana(?) cheesecake. Literally the best. Sophia’s choice was a delectable fusion of traditional Chinese flavours – think ginger and chrysanthemum – with chocolate and caramel to sweeten things up. Incorporating jelly and sauces, hers was definitely one for all senses.

Oddies also offers savoury and sweet fusion egglet waffles on their own, as well as an extensive menu of other desserts and frozen yoghurts.


Take Note

Stationery lovers, assemble!
Seriously in love with the buttery-softness and satisfyingly light paperweight of my Smythson Panama notebook. The team gifted me this travel edition leather notebook just before my flight and it has proved oh so handy. From using it to note down new blog post ideas and random thoughts whilst on my flight, to penning shopping lists for mundane things like floor wipes and #evenmoreclotheshangers, and also now for work, I’m finding that it’s THE perfect size for on-the-go usage.

Finished with gold ‘Follow Your Dreams’ lettering in their iconic style, I think this would make the ultimate Christmas or pre-travel gift for a loved one.
Disclaimer: I was gifted this notebook by Smythson as part of their Panama travel campaign and they are also sponsoring this post. Opinions and clothes hanger predicaments all remain my own.



Exploring Macao.
Wandering around the streets in Macao looking for Ruins of St. Paul's with no Internet connection and with 26°C heat beaming down on us meant that a) my auntie was on photographer duty, and b) crushed ice honey green tea drinks were my saviour. I took this one by an adorably quaint Portuguese-esque back street. I'll put a proper photo diary together when I get home tonight, but I fell in LOVE with the European building style meshed perfectly with Chinese qualities.

Also couldn't get over how busy it was. Oh my gosh Saturdays... ;_____;