My September To-Do List

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Say you'll remember me. 
Hi Internet! I thought it was about time that I checked in around here for an of-the-moment catch-up. Suddenly found myself in a situation of having more posts to share than time to do so and, you know me, I like just putting a playlist on and offloading thoughts that I’m too scared to say out loud ;) so let's do this, old-school style, a lil chinwag, a cuppa tea, Taylor's new MV

一. Firstly, I’m okay. By the way. Thank you so much to the absolute sweethearts that have sent me pretty notes in my emails or Twitter DM's, I've appreciated them more than I can ever express. I think one of the reasons I share but don’t share much (in the grand scheme of things) is because I worry that people will worry. But I’m fine, in the words of ye olde Ross Geller. By the time ~personal*~ features make it onto here, I’ve already dissected them a billion times over with my friends. After my mini meltdown earlier in the month, I’m much better overall!

二. After my little fainting episode and general ill health last month, I’ve been diagnosed with anaemia. It doesn’t surprise me actually because I struggle a lot with fatigue and I’m prone to passing out already. Ironed out – nudge nudge wink wink ;) please don't ban me from the Internet – a new diet to stick to and I’m just generally taking things a bit slower. Things are good. I’m just struggling with the ‘no caffeine’ thang. Also! How hilarious is that my follow-up appointment with the hospital is scheduled for October… 2016?! My diary doesn't even go that far! If anybody has any tips and tricks diet-wise, I'd love to hear them!

三. I’m really into YouTube at the moment. Finally got into the swing of my own videos and I’m positively bubbling with new ideas and excitement to film at every opportunity! I have so many plans for the channel, I just need some more time to get down to it. Adult and full-time job problems.

四. Went to an amazing Indian restaurant at the weekend that I still can’t get over. Like, if I could eat there 3 or more times a day, I probably would. I’m not sure if I’ve taken enough photos to compile a blog post, but perhaps expect that soon after I’ve got through my current set of posts! I tried kulfi for the first time and I'm genuinely craving some more now.

五. Can we take a moment to talk about the dreamboat-goddess-Queen that is Taylor?! Of course you knew my love for her already but if you haven't already seen, her video for 'Wildest Dreams' is out and it is so damn good. Additionally, all the proceeds raised from the video are going towards African Animal Conservation Charities! What a babe.

While we're here, let's do a sneaky September to-do list, eh? Old-school all-the-things-in-one-post post ;)

10 things to check off this month.
  1. Stop wimping out of twice-weekly interval training.
  2. Clear out my wardrobe of clothes past their sell-by date and take them to H&M's recycle scheme.
  3. Completely refresh my lingerie collection.
  4. Begin finalising the first chapter of my novella.
  5. Flesh out plans for autumn/winter mini blog series.
  6. Up my monthly savings to 60% of my salary.
  7. Finally visit Lido Beach.
  8. Tick off at least 4 places on my Places To Eat list.
  9. Shoot at least one outfit post.
  10. Go on a long walk at least once a week.
  11. Stop 'saving' my favourite outfits for special occasions and wear them whenever I want to.
  12. Bake sweet treats for the girls at work.

All my love,
Mish x


10 Months

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Celebrating a 10-month anniversary with my smoggy city of dreams.
Ah yes, time for my monthly sickening summary of “new life in HK omgz” because I have an odd and unrelenting affinity for measuring time. Timehop is basically the greatest thing that’s ever happened to people like me. And, you know what, for someone that loves to measure time and all that jazz, I do a pretty good job at managing to be fashionably early or late to everything. I’m never on time. Once I was an hour early.

Things I’ve learnt so far:
  1. Hong Kong is really sticky and hot. Uncomfortably so. I mean, I knew this from summering here every year but when you live here? It’s so hot it hurts.
  2. This year I’ve outdone myself for getting ill. And I miss the NHS so much when I have to pay $500 for a consultation and prescription. I even had to pay when someone else called me an ambulance.
  3. Only good things can come from trying things outside of your comfort zone.
  4. Don’t bother curling your hair between the months of May and September. “It’s the humidity!”
  5. I learn something new every day, whether that’s how to perfect my nighttime A/C game, how to catch minibuses from unmarked stops, telling the minibus driver to ‘turn around’ in order to get off the bus or just how satisfying it is to achieve the perfect assemblage of cushions.
  6. Secret underground bars are ideal hiding places. They will also play your Taylor Swift song requests unlike anywhere else in LKF.
  7. A scientific study shows that 73% of the new people I’ve met just have a fetish for British accents or for British-born Chinese girls. Potentially 5% of those are people I still speak to. Sigh.
  8. Etude House’s marketing strategy is so strong – I own half of their offerings, maybe.
  9. Yoga is so much more fun that you remembered.
  10. Boys are not worth arguing with every day for 4 months.
  11. They’re not worth looking for when they’ve disappeared for no reason.
  12. Dating is even more of a minefield when you’re a BBC girl here. When will I ever feel like I fit in please?
  13. You’re probably not going to do that dating thing again for a while. At least not consciously.
  14. The best restaurants are always found in shady alleys where it looks like questionable things happen down.
  15. It is insanely difficult to find avocados.
  16. Sometimes it’s okay to have weekends so solitary that your doorman finds you for a chinwag to see if you’re okay.
  17. Hiking is the ultimate in pain for beauty. Those views!
  18. Never being very far from the sea is the best hold on happiness.
  19. Daily gratitude. Having an awesome opportunity like living on the other side of the world means I’m grateful for so much more nowadays.
  20. Instagram timing. You know, I had an amazing breakfast/brunch but couldn’t post it until 5pm my time because the majority of my friends won’t be awake to enjoy it.
  21. Nothing lasts forever except from your cutie houseplant that is somehow still going strong.
  22. Nothing is lost until your Mum can’t find it. (PS. She has superpowers and can find things for you even across the globe.)
  23. It’s alright to have a really dramatic crying session on Skype for half an hour when nothing will go to plan.
  24. Boys come and go but I’ve always known that. Friends come and go too. It’s okay to let go of people who are no good for you.
  25. I’ve never seen my neighbour dressed in real clothes. 7am, 1pm, 5pm and 10pm sightings: all in pyjamas and a superb pineapple hair-bun.
Things I miss:
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • Fresh, crisp air
  • Wearing jackets
  • Bertle and Eric
  • Going for drives
  • Walks at the lake
  • Caffeine-fuelled gossip dates with my best pals
  • Nando’s
  • F&F tights
  • London lunch breaks at Regent’s Park
  • Late summer evenings
  • British barbeque attempts


A Cupcake Workshop with foodpanda

Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle, Fashion and Food Blog: foodpanda review, how to make kawaii cupcakes, panda cupcakes
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Complete Deelite bakery cupcake class

Learning to make edible pandas.
You know me by now: there’s nothing better - on the whole - than food, eating and cute food. Right? Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to Complete Deelite Bakery in Central for a cupcake decorating workshop, hosted by the ever-accommodating foodpanda. Nothing rounds off a week better than immersing myself in the company of like-minded people and I had a deelite-ful evening, if I may say so myself!

foodpanda is a delivery service that operates in several markets worldwide. Its Hong Kong division serves over 350 eateries across the city, making it an indispensable companion for at-home eating. Simply said, foodpanda allows you to order easily from fast food (and even non-fast food) places from one easy-to-use website and app. You can find some of Hong Kong’s most famous restaurants and even order alcohol, making it extra easy to throw impromptu dinner parties ;)

The cupcake workshop was so much fun: accompanied by six other bloggers, we learnt different methods of cake decoration, each more complicated that the last, and were given six cupcakes to top with pandas for ourselves. Honestly? I had no idea how difficult and intricate some methods were! After attempting a buttercream decoration and then a 3D fondant one, I then settled for my niche talent: kawaii fondant flats! I’m SO pleased with how my six turned out - how Instagrammable are these?!

Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle, Fashion and Food Blog: foodpanda review, how to make kawaii cupcakes, panda cupcakes
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle, Fashion and Food Blog: foodpanda review, how to make kawaii cupcakes, panda cupcakes
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle, Fashion and Food Blog: foodpanda review, how to make kawaii cupcakes, panda cupcakes
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Complete Deelite bakery cupcake class
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle, Fashion and Food Blog: foodpanda review, how to make kawaii cupcakes, panda cupcakes
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle, Fashion and Food Blog: foodpanda review, how to make kawaii cupcakes, panda cupcakes

As a side note, Complete Deelite Bakery run workshops themselves and the team were SO nice and accommodating. I’d highly recommend popping along and booking a session if you enjoy baking. There’s a huge bakeware store too - I was positive my Mum would implode if she’d got to see it.

Thank you to the amazing foodpanda team for a fun evening and for the Instagram fodder ^_~

Complete Deelite Bakery: 2/F On Lan Centre 11-15, On Lan Street, Central. Tel. No.: 3167 7022. Visit their website here.

Download the foodpanda app for iOS or Android here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I was invited as a guest of foodpanda but I have not been paid for this post.


The Most Popular Posts On Daisybutter

Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: BBC bloggers, July Instagram round up

The top five most read posts on little Daisybutter.
After having a little catch-up on my favourite blogs last weekend, I really enjoyed reading my good friend Mandy’s post where she shared her ‘most read’ blog posts. And so I delved into the murky depths of my blog analytics and thought I’d share my most popular posts too. It’s always interesting to see what people enjoy the most on my blog and while these sorts of things rarely dictate my new and upcoming content nowadays, it’s fun to have a look back at super old posts, right?

Which are your favourite posts to read?

A Guide to Mascaras for Asian Lashes
This is my all-time most read post which is ironic for a blog from a girl who confesses to being an utter beauty n00b. Over two years ago I compiled a guide to the best mascaras for us Chinese gals - now not to be segregative but Asian lashes are notorious for being short, fine and straight, and it is inhumanly difficult for me/us to find the perfect lash combinations. In fact, I’ve discovered a couple of even better mascaras now, so perhaps an updated version of this is on the cards!

Read it here.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
Another 2013 baby! I picked this up after a summer in Hong Kong and thought I’d share a review of - what was then - a relatively unknown camera. Oh how times have changed eh?! Mish, ever the trendsetter. I’m still in love with my Instax Mini actually and I think it’s so fun to see how Instagram in the digital age helped to bring back a lost classic medium of documentation. My Mama has countless Polaroid cameras and Sanrio Instax cameras and photos from when I was little - the perks of being part of a Chinese family!

Read it here.

Inspiration: Lucy Hale
Who doesn’t have a teensy girl crush on a PLL girl nowadays? Back in 2010 - I am such a blogging oldie! - my friend Ella and I were obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and I created a little style inspiration post all about Lucy Hale a.k.a. Aria Montgomery. It’s so odd to see how my personal style and style inspo has changed over these 5 years.

Read it here.

Ways to Wear: Sleeveless Denim Jackets
Apparently we all enjoy the 80’s because a post from my ancient Ways to Wear series has made it in! I used to share these weekly on Wednesdays, with three ways to wear one item, thus getting more out of your money. This was written in my student days back in 2011 where I ‘had’ to justify my purchases to myself by mentally styling three outfits in a shop with the girls.

Read it here.

The Best Years of Your Life
Finally, you guys seemed to really like this longer, lifestyle article I wrote about Uni and it being ‘the best years of your life’. I feel like I talk at length a lot about my Uni experience but I hand on heart wish that I had blog posts like these to read before I tottered off to try it on my own. I actually have another Uni post coming up in the next week or so for you freshers to have a nosy at.

Read it here.

If you’re new to my blog, too, HELLO! I’ve created a little cheat sheet here where you can catch up on some of my personal favourite posts and learn a little more about the other random things I blog about - tortoise diary included.


Lessons in Love

A little chat about the ol' dating game and how I'm admittedly crap at it. I'm fiiiiine.
It seems to me, right now, as I sit perched at my usual spot at my usual coffee shop, that everybody in the world is taken. Coupled up. Smitten. All of those similar descriptives. Everybody except me. Of course that’s a slightly melodramatic way of looking at it, I’m sure there’s a 13 year old out there that is yet to fall deeply in love with the school ‘hottie’ or whatever the kids call it nowadays. But really though. I’m in a state of perpetual singledom and I’m not there purposely.

Dating in your twenties is scary and it’s tough. So they say this is the age of doing everything, having everything and all that other empowering stuff that’s nice to read on Instagram, but frankly it’s not the mindset I’m in when I see another Facebook official couple or when a loved-up couple sidles up to the table right beside right now, silently judging that I’m here - God forbid - alone. Yes, this is the age of hardly-any-commitment-required but that’s also the devil in disguise eh? When does something magically click into place and make these guys decide that, yes, they do want to just date one girl? Everyone is too available and not at all available at the same time.

Right now, I’m pretty content with my hot chocolate (not allowed coffee anymore #anaemiaproblems) and my self-imposed dating ban, but just for good measure and for you beautiful ladies and gentlefellows, here are some of the things I’ve learnt from my failed dating quests of late…

The Man of Mystery
Let’s start with the most recent failure/conquest/lesson. The Man of Mystery is oddly captivating and elusive. Upon reflection, you can’t pinpoint what attracted you to them in the first place but, undeniably, you believe there maybe was something there at some point. He’s charming and attentive and he makes you feel like you’re his world. He asks you silly questions, big questions, important questions and nonsensical questions. He remembers what you wore the first time you met, you catch him peeking at you when you laugh. He reads, thinks, works and writes. But you never manage to squeeze an answer from him. And one day, he disappears without a trace.

Lesson: Do allow yourself to fall haphazardly for someone who makes you feel adored. Don’t ebb trust and faith into someone that asks but never tells.

The Man Of No Words
Perhaps only a smidge more odd than The Man of Mystery is the one of No Words. Just one date and that was more than enough. One date of perhaps three sentences from him and an explosion of oddments and musings from you to fill half an hour of nothingness. Even the thrill of wandering around a Space Museum(!) doesn’t ease the awkwardness and prolonged silences.

Lesson: Always have a wingman on standby to call and bail you out early from a silent date. The more wild the backstory the better.

The Firecracker
Everybody has a Firecracker. That one guy you date and it’s instant fireworks, you get along like a house on fire and jokes are made, semi-awkward flirtatious one-liners are exchanged. You can think of no possible reason to stop the romance freefall. And there it is - freefall. It fell as it started. Suddenly, the spark skips and intense conversations turn into intense arguments. You realise you’d become obsessed with the idea of him and it transcends into unhealthy terrain. The butterflies and excitement of seeing a message from him or hearing a cute voicemail from him dissipates and becomes a bitter resentment of sarcastic remarks played against sweet episodes. But with the Firecracker, you often mistake the arguing for intensity and romance needs that, right? Wrong.

Lesson: Some things are worth fighting for. Nothing is worth crying in the middle of a busy street for.

The Too Good To Be True
Amidst the crazy, though, there will be a guy who’ll prove through and through that there are still gentlemen out there. The Too Good To Be True has an adorable dimpled smile. He’s a family guy, even more so than you. He picks you up and arrives early to schmooze whoever opens the door. He adores candlelit dinners as much as afternoons on the swings in the park. He’ll start reading competitions with you and pretend he’s not winning so you’ll feel confident. He remembers all the things you said you’ve never done and makes sure you can tick them off one by one. But everything is just good. There are rarely fireworks. In short, he’s the opposite of the Firecracker.

Lesson: Someone can be perfect but you should never settle for someone who doesn’t set your heart alight in a glowy way.

The One From Secondary School
Remember those Year 10 days, when you realised boys didn’t have cooties and you spent a large portion of your day slowly falling in teen-lurve with the guy you sit beside? Imagine that 6 years later, he asks you on a date. You’re instantly smitten again. You can’t stop thinking about him and you feel 15 again. There. You’re 15 again. Soon you realise that you’re dating the grown-up version of a school memory.

Lesson: Worth it for a mini school reunion I guess. Tick summin’ off the bucket list.

The Never Was
And finally, the Never Was, the one that’s still slowly ticking. Did you date him? You can’t even remember, it’s been that long. The to-ing and fro-ing is slowly driving you insane and you can’t decide whether to prise it out of the friend zone and risk it all or just to wallow in a state of purgatory forever. Regardless, the Never Was is your BFF who has just helped you through the above d-baggish guys. So there’s that.

Lesson? TBC. It’s a work in progress.

Wow. This was a long one. I shall probably be too embarrassed to reply to comments, but try your luck anyway (: the worst/best thing is: this is all real af hahaha.