Teakha, Sheung Wan

Teakha. Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 上環太平山街18號B鋪.
And we're back in the brunch game!

At the weekend, I met up with Shelley who took me to one of her favourite cafés over in Sheung Wan - Teakha. Hidden away up in the super steep roads of the district, Teakha is an offbeat, 'lifestyle concept tea café' and zakka store that promotes a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle. It's teeny tiny but was bustling with happy customers enjoying their Saturday morning start to the weekend. Surprisingly they have plenty of seating available inside, outside and upstairs on an indoors terrace.

I ordered their pineapple bun brunch and a marsala hot chocolate to fully embrace the festive period. Pineapple buns are quite a popular Hong Kong dish that I adore eating on their own (even though I hate eating pineapples) so I was excited to try their brunch variation. It was kinda like an Eggs Benedict dish: the pineapple bun sliced in half, topped with a slice of ham, scrambled egg, tomatoes and pork floss. What a dream! I could probably eat that every single day...

The marsala hot chocolate was made from scratch, using organic ingredients, and it was SO good. Chai tea lattes are my favourite and this cocoa version was the perfect Hong Kong winter warmer.

If you're ever in Sheung Wan, I would absolutely recommend paying Teakha a visit. They also have an extensive tea (obviously) and cake menu, which would be ideal for a late afternoon wander!


Insutanto · (Jp.) instant.

An Instagram summation, for old times' sake.
Well well well, isn't this all a bit 2012?!

It's been a while since we had a catch-up with some Instagram fodder for company and I felt kinda nostalgic for the genuinely personal and homegrown element of lifestyle blogging and blogs in general. So here we are, let's catch up over a sugary tea or festive beverage of your choice!
Insutanto · (Jp.) instant./ˈɪnst(ə)nt1 Happening or coming immediately:
December in Hong Kong is sun-soaked, vividly coloured and only cold when the seafront air and aircon combine to wreak havoc on my hair. It's really strange spending Christmas away from home and even more so when it's celebrated slightly differently to what I'm used to. Nevertheless, our staff Christmas market in the office was so fun - see those Markus Lupfer kiss Christmas cocktails and the smores craft table?! What a dream.

Sophia and I visited a cat café a few weekends ago and of course I Instagrammed the heck out of that. These sorts of cafés are kinda controversial and hush hush in Hong Kong still, but I was pleasantly surprised at how roomy the actual place was and even more happy that the cats themselves were really chilled out and lapping up human interaction. 100% earmarked for another visit!

I bought a Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc clutch the other day! I've already posted a 'review' of it if you're interested, but I'm seriously in love with her. Work perks at their very best... During my downtime from exciting shopping, cute cats, etc. I'm currently enjoying just cosying up in my apartment in my The White Company cashmere socks and playing Pokemon Omega Ruby - srsly, what a darn good remake of the best Pokemon generation. As always, please feel free to add my Nintendo Friend Code and leave me a comment with yours! 3883-5630-0644

If you're also in Hong Kong, you 100% need to go to Kowloon Tong and see this gem of a Christmas tree and grotto at Festival Walk. It's so beautiful that I'm tempted to go back for another peek. I also spied some awesome street art in Soho, Central, 'grammed my new boots down Hollywood Road and hugged a Pikachu at the Pikachu Parade in TST. Living the dream guys, I'm living the dream.

Find me on Instagram to see my full feed here @winyeemichelle. And tell me about something fun and festive you've done recently! ♥


Winter – nailed it!

Top tips for winter nails ;)
In the throes of winter, I concentrate far more time than is recommended on constantly applying hand cream and with this process more time than I recommended is also spent criticising my nails. Winter nails might just be my favourite: these are my top picks as we lead up to Christmas. (Which is when we all shoot red and glitter based stuff at our nails, right?)

Revlon 'Vixen'
A darkened black cherry red.

This is my go-to colour when I haven’t got the time or energy to fret about which outfits I may or may not be wearing. Nothing screams sophisticated and instills winter charm like a black cherry red and this Revlon version applies like a dream, only requiring two coats for opacity.

Essie ‘Bobbing For Baubles’
A slate-grey crossed with navy.

When I picked this shade up, it was only because I couldn’t find ‘After School Boy Blazer’. A grayish sort of navy, it is my usual work week shade, sometimes sprinkled with some glitter to keep it from being too prudish. I quite like this as a fresher and more polished take on black nails, which lets face it, is a bit 2005.

Essie ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’
A creamy sheer medium pink.

I bought ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’ as an impulse pick-me-up after work one evening and hated it upon first application. Super sheer, man. But lacquered on with about four layers, it gives that beautifully pinkish-nude, sophisticate look and looks seriously pretty paired with 'Set in Stones'.

butter LONDON 'Fiver'
An icy mint green.

The anomaly amongst this pack, I reached for ‘Fiver’ just the other day. If you’re anything like me, then your winter wardrobe probably consists of black, grey, white and navy, so a mint green with a little glitter can be just the ticket for an icy cool touch.

Essie ‘Set in Stones’
Varied silver glitter particles suspended in clear polish.

And now for the gem of the bunch! I haven’t come across a glitter like this before so was pleasantly surprised to find it in my Vogue FNO duo. Glimmering with small and larger glitter particles suspended in a clear polish, it creates a truly unique sparkle without being too regulated. I wear this on its own sometimes – one coat is really kitsch and cute in a ‘trying out Mum’s nail polishes’ way!


Land fairy

Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: what i wore
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: what i wore
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: what i wore
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: what i wore
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: what i wore
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: what i wore

Jumper and dress combo, Plata; Boots, A tiny boutique in Tsuen Wan; Duster, River Island; Bangle, Alexander McQueen; Mulberry Alexa in Petticoat White and Rose Gold.
Another week, another outfit post!

I'm so happy to finally be able to share regular outfits again. Feel so sad all the time that I can't shoot them every day like I did at University (a.k.a. the optimum time to be a slob and/or start a blog) but Hong Kong is a kinda apt place to get back into it, seeing as everyone loves a good camera and pose session.

This weekend I met up with fello HK blogger Shelley for the first time! We went all the way over to Sheung Wan for brunch and a wander around HK Island, and it was so fun. In fact we were blessed with amazing weather: beautifully balmy and sunny - in the middle of December! I think brunch is one of the main things I miss about England, that and the twinkly festive spirit ;____;

I absolutely adore this dress that I'm wearing. I bought it at Plata, who do some of the best clothes around, and it's so cute and almost nostalgia-invoking? I'm really inspired by the South Korean meets British (how ironic) style that Hong Kong is obsessed with at the moment. It feels quite reminiscent of how I used to dress way back in the day too: +50 reader points if you remember that post from the first time around!

The story behind these boots goes: I miss my little sister so much that I bought the exact same pair as her. No lie. I actually really got into man repeller-ish shoes this year and I love how sweet, girly, kitsch and clompy they are. They do, however, require an extra 5 minutes of Getting Ready Time in the AM. Must remember that so I don't have to sprint to the bus stop again...

As IF it is Christmas in little more than a week and a half. Currently my plans are to eat my body weight in food and then Skype my family as soon as they wake up. Fill me in on your holiday plans so I can feel less lonely?

Photos taken by Shelley at Play on Palms - follow her!


My 2014 Christmas List

Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: luxury christmas wishlist

Dear Santa, I've been oh so good this year and I know this blog post is late, but...
The 2014 Daisybutter Christmas List

With Christmas less than two weeks away - pinch me, please! - I thought I'd finally shimmy up something festive onto the ol' blog. I didn't manage to put together ANY gift guides this year or vlog my festive decorating but there's always time for a little wishing and sharing indulgent gift ideas for yourself. Plus, you know you're getting old when there's actual homeware on your Christmas list. I nearly included a candle but that's just a given, right?

Having over-indulged in the art of handbag purchasing in 2014, I thought I'd cast my eye over upping a shoe selection this winter and the trend continues with these two pairs. The Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' flats have been on my list (and everyone else's) for all of eternity and going shopping with my friend Zoe a few weeks ago only served to further that. On the other side of the spectrum are these Chloe flats, scalloped and made of softest leather. I adore the pink version, if only so I could pretend that I'm a ballerina!

I recently noted a space in my life for a make-up case that does the job really damn well. Not a 'I can fit 5 products in here and that doesn't include more than one lipstick' job, one that will aid my daily or, you know, travel life. And here she is: the Anya Hindmarch edition. Kinda in love with the two zipped sections thing, the space for brushes and that little bow that captivates me every time. While I was there, how could you not want a novelty sticker that'll set you back £35? The most intense sticker-location decision ever awaits...

... Let's talk home.

I mean actual home. There's nothing more essential for a Brit girl living away from home than festive tea from Fortnum and Mason. Obsessed with that tin caddy design. In my quest for a coffee flask for my new desk at work, I 'stumbled across' (read: obsessively stalked) this Taylor Swift one, dotted with seagulls as per the sweater she wears for the '1989' cover. Can someone... arrange for this to happen? Thanks. Last but not least, this assemblage of cushions that I've been dithering over for the longest time. They're an essential, right?

I'm yet to feel festive at all, even whilst watching obsessive amounts of Vlogmas, but maybe this post will kickstart the jingle belles and elves. Got so much exciting stuff to share with you but I can't just yet. And I have so many YouTube video ideas that I'm itching to start filming!(!!)

Anya Hindmarch 'Thumbs Up' leather sticker, £35, Selfridges;
Chloe Lauren scalloped edge ballet flats, HK$3920, Net-a-Porter;
Christmas tea blend, £15, Fortnum and Mason;
'1989 Seagulls' tumbler, $19.89, Taylor Swift.com - let's all appreciate that price...;
Anya Hindmarch Make-Up Bag, £195, Selfridges;
Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' pumps, £365, Selfridges;
FAMOS cushion cover, HK$320, Francfranc;
ENYHE cushion cover, HK$320, Francfranc;
STOCKHOLM cushion, HK$149.9, Francfranc.