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Time Telling

Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: Shore Watch
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: Shore Watch

Poole watch c/o Shore Projects.
I'm not much of a watch-wearer. Time telling is a job reserved for my trusty phone or whichever dutiful companion is with me in that moment and even then I'm probably not going to be on time. Sorry. Let's just say it's one of those "personality quirks" of mine.

When the guys over at Shore Projects offered me a watch to wear around and mayhaps feature on Daisybutter, I nearly clicked away until I caught a glimpse of the darling interchangeable canvas straps and chic, minimal look. If ever there were a 'time' for me to fall for a time-teller piece, it was now. I carefully chose a Poole watch, in brushed silver with a white face, to match the white-gold jewellery that I wear daily, with a baby blue strap.

The result? A beautiful and elegant timepiece that is also cutesy and casual at the same time. I've already been revelling in showing it off to my friends and family - Dad was less impressed than most - and it might just mean that I'll be on time to 8/10 occasions this autumn. I can't wait to pair it with a duster coat, burgundy top, navy jeans and heeled boots ALL the, er, time. ;)


"I'm Too Shy for University"

Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: university advice, advice for nervous freshers, too shy for uni

On shyness, overcoming it and heading to University for the first time.
So that ubiquitous time of year heralds again. The start of the University semester and imminent flocks of freshers everywhere you turn. While I've been long gone from the halls of Southampton Solent University (and subsequently the cobbles down Bedford Place), my sister is now off to Uni and fretting about being too shy for it all. Starting at a new school is daunting enough on its' own. Moving to a new town or city on top of that? Frankly terrifying.

I thought I'd take this moment to pen a tale of feeling inadequate, too shy and not good enough for University, just as a new intake - and possibly plenty of you - are headed to new hallowed halls somewhere. Let's start with an ice-breaker: I'm Michelle and I am by nature shyer than shy. I'm a deft wallflower and very happy with that fact. I loved to write. I couldn't cook. I couldn't talk to more than 2 people at any one time. I'd email people in the same classroom as me instead of go over to ask them a simple question. And 5 years ago today I threw a leaving 'gathering' in my back garden for 5 close friends and I to mark leaving for University, a hundred miles away from home. Unbeknownst to them and about 95% of the people I knew, I was absolutely terrified about it all.


As a seasoned graduate, I can hand on heart let you know that you're not too shy for University. You're not. The experience of starting at a new school and moving away to a new town is 97.5% new for everyone else you meet on that infamous Moving In Weekend. Take things one step at a time. Move your things into your matchstick box sized room and unpack slowly. Savour making your room your own because this will probably be your safe haven during any downtime.

The first week of Uni is commonly referred to as Freshers Week. It's pretty much a week where you induct into the semester, have events every night and generally make the most of your newfound freedom. If I'm honest, I found Freshers Week super intimidating and out of my comfort zone. But you learn to adapt and make the most of the situation. My fear of not-having-friends outweighed that of going to a huge party with hundreds of people who had never met each other. Like I said, everyone else is pretty much in the same boat as you. Equally though, don't be someone you're not; make friends in the same way you would elsewhere. Break the ice and compliment someone on their shoes/bag/brows or (if you're not already tipsy) ask which halls they're staying in. Ask questions and give semi-lengthy answers.

Being shy at University is 100% fine. I began my degree as a naive, sheltered and very introverted individual, then decided to start a blog, which - 2 years later - led to me hanging at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards because I'd been shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog, not to mention getting to go to London Fashion Week in my first year of Uni for my blog. University is a whole other world. Small and sharp decisions could lead to the biggest things. I'd be nowhere if I didn't pester Toni to walk with me to our first lecture. (We were across-the-hall flatmates.) Or if I didn't sit down and finally set up my blog. Sometimes it's those small, unmediated choices that take you to where you're supposed to be.


Secret garden

Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: AW14, what i wore, hong kong fashion blogger
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: AW14, what i wore, hong kong fashion blogger
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: AW14, what i wore, hong kong fashion blogger
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: AW14, what i wore, hong kong fashion blogger
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: AW14, what i wore, hong kong fashion blogger
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: AW14, what i wore, hong kong fashion blogger

Topshop t-shirt; F&F palm print skirt; Zara flats; Longchamp Le Pliage; Shore Project J watch.
Bow down to the No Tights Club y'all! I kid: this is another outfit I shot in 34 degree heat and humidity in Hong Kong. I never realised just how easy it is to prance around and pose in blissfully freezing England until I attempted outfit posts on hols ^_^" Sweat central. Hundreds of peeps swarming everywhere central.

While I was away, it turns out Jade was as well! Way back at the start of the summer, we decided to make sure our paths crossed while abroad so we ended up spending a darn good day exploring, eating and shopping together. All the things we do best. I'm kinda sad we didn't snap some photos together actually! I met Jade over at 又一城 Festival Walk, a supah expensive shopping centre that is literally attached to the Kowloon Tong MTR station. Did some wandering, mused at really-talented-ice-skaters, bought some tat and gadgets at Log-on and decided to head back to my end of town to show Jade the ropes.

One of my favourite things about Tsuen Wan is that it is the perfect (heh, I could be biased here!) blend of modern and rural, old and new. Surrounded by water, mountains, high rise buildings, market stalls and more, I never run out of things to do when I decide to leave my Octopus card at home and just leave my apartment.

I'm really surprised I'd never stumbled across this garden before. It's the Jockey Club Garden frequented mostly by the elder community of my district, but I fell in LOVE with it when Jade noticed it and we stepped in. The garden is designed in ancient Hakka styles, reminiscent of where my Mum grew up actually, with a beautiful pond/lake filled with koi and terrapins. There's something really peaceful, quixotic and refreshing about the garden, nestled literally in the heart of Tsuen Wan. Plus I couldn't stop attempting to show the terrapins photos of their distant relatives - Bertle and Eric ;)


Onto the outfit then! Black is pretty much outta the question in HK, as I quickly learnt. Too much heat. I adore the fit of this Daisy slogan tee and it does a good job of semi-promoting the blog! Tucked it into this pastel palm print skirt from F&F and whacked on some flats. Sandals could've worked better but I just don't do this planning ahead thing T____T I think I'm going to take this skirt to my sewing machine and cinch the waist in just a little bit more so it flares out more. #ProjectsIWontComplete

More Hong Kong posts to come. I wish I could keep blaming jet lag but it's already been a WEEK and I'm just lazy/busy/sleeping usually. Lovelove!


"Can't Sleep, Write Now"

When I turned 23, one of my best friends gifted me this nocturnal journal - Can't Sleep Write Now. I was once a devoted diary girl, noting down anything from novel-esque passages about my day to lists of things that I liked to one-liner snippets about the week.

Nowadays? Not so much. And with that I've become almost completely nocturnal, struggling through early mornings and then being unable to sleep until the wee hours. While I don't think my lack of journaling really contributes to this, this nocturnal journal has become somewhat of a staple in my evening routine.

Can't Sleep Write Now features lined pages with simple questions that get your brain ticking before bed. Teamed with quotes about dreaming, sleeping, etc. the journal is a sweet little keepsake that is undated meaning that you can write in it as often or little as you want. As a writer, blogger and journalist, I find it helps me to simmer my thoughts down to a more sleep-acceptable level too. I keep it next to my bed, alongside my eye cream, evening face mask and lip balm for a complete routine.


I Went To Hong Kong

Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: hong kong photo diary, hong kong blogger travel diary
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: hong kong photo diary, hong kong blogger travel diary
Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: hong kong photo diary, hong kong blogger travel diary

A food and travel photo diary from late summer days in Hong Kong. August-September 2014.
Hong Kong is the ideal backdrop for blog photos -- dreamy scenery of mountains, water and cityscapes, plenty of mouth-watering food and busier-than-busy moments that are fun to capture. It'd be pretty audacious of me to pass this off as a travel diary but Hong Kong is far too photogenic and I thought I'd share some snaps for those of you who weren't around for last year's installment.

1. Skyline. What a beauty, eh?
2. Mid-autumn festival shenanigans. There were carnivals all over town and I got an ice-cream mooncake.
3. So many randomly cute things! My sister and I picked up these ceramic milk mugs.
4. Hanging out with Sharon at the Sanrio pop-up in Langham Place. Dat 3-hour queue tho...
5. Dinner with Mama at Shanghai Popo 336.
6. And more of the same.
7. Hong Kong style crispy won ton. Nothing can compare.
8. A little snippet from some gardens in my hometown.
9. Pretty café interiors.
10. A beverage to quench our thirst.
11. City views.
12. Home sweet home.
13. ME! Full outfit post here.
14. Hanging out with my cousin in his new apartment with his ADORABLE tiny toy poodle puppy, Yandy. He also bakes. What a good egg ^_^
15. Epic dessert times with Winnie at Teawood in Causeway Bay.
16 & 17. SO so quixotic and tranquil here.
18. Bubble tea break with Winnie.
19. Sister selca!
20. HK$36 is literally life-changing. That's about £3 for a huge bowl of ramen. Damn good ramen.
21. Koi and terrapins.
22. The ever-famous and cliché passport snap. Plus Nike Free Runs and Longchamp Le Pliage to complete the frequent flyer look ;)

Photos taken on Nikon D3100 with 50mm f1.8D lens and Nexus 5 phone camera. Processed with Photoshop CS6 and VSCO Cam.