MR Writer’s Club: The One That Got Away

MR Writer’s Club: The One That Got Away.
There’s something to be said about long-standing friendships in the face of everything-that-wasn’t-supposed-to-be. If there’s one thing you learn about leaving school-school, it’s that you learn who your real friends are and then somehow it’s all meant to just slot into place. This handful of beyond good friends are the ones who you’ll graduate with, attend engagement parties with or for, all that weirdly grown-up stuff.

Only 30% of friends survive the 7-year friendship expiration date. And I never really believed that until now - the one that got away. This week’s Man Repeller Writers’ Club prompt is that:
If you love someone you’re supposed to let them go, right? Let them fly away with their metaphorical wings while you sit in a canoe and pray that you find a paddle to wade through your own tears. I’ve heard a few alternate endings to this saying, the first one is that if they come back, it’s meant to be. The second one is that if they come back you should feel free to light them on fire. Whatever it is for you — he/she/they/we/it/cat/blob — we want to know about The One That Got Away. And if The One did come back…what ending did you choose?
Did I ever mention a friend that I no longer speak to? (Who am I kidding? I talk about him all the time here because it’s easier in the digital vicinity than to admit it IRL.) We met 7 years ago under kinda strange pretences: he’d seen me around college and spied me on those People You May Know lists on MySpace and I was a shy, gawky, naive girl with no social skills. Like, none. At this point I can probably interject myself and say I basically almost became a Catfish victim. Regardless, we were the most unlikely pairing with all the right things in common (teenage laziness, not going out, anime, manga, cookies, an affinity for big stretches of water…).

And despite all of our unlikelinesses, our friendship withstood things like me moving 110 miles away, realising his best friend was MY best friend’s ex, accidentally falling in love with each other, him finding a girlfriend and not telling me, me finding a boyfriend and actually telling him, me moving home, both of us hating our jobs and getting new ones in exactly the same week.

If you love someone, you’re supposed to let them go. I think this year was breaking point for me. The moment I moved home from Uni, he’d been there for me. I can’t remember Home: Round 2 (a.k.a. post-Uni) before him - I don’t know how to be here without him. Losing a best friend who knows you better than you know yourself is the worst. I think it’s even worse when there’s a very real possibility of you bumping into him and knowing there is an 88.75% chance he won’t bat an eyelid and say hello to you. The One That Got Away? He's my best friend and he hasn’t come back yet and I’m about to go. I don’t know what the ending will be or if it is choose-able.


Sticks'n'Sushi, Covent Garden

Sticks'n'Sushi, 1 Henrietta Street, London, WC2E 8PY, Tel. No: 020 3141 8810.
Sticks'n'Sushi has been high on my list of London food spots to sample since Paula blogged about them this spring. A contemporary Japanese-Danish fusion restaurant, it's located right in the heart of pretty Covent Garden, making it an ideal choice for those not too familiar with the streets of London. As a special treat for my farewell meal, Zoe, Winnie and I went for lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

It was fairly busy and it seemed like people in the know had made reservations. Nevertheless we were seated and given a good hour-and-a-half at our table. The menu was beautifully photographed in that classic Scandi style with a minimalist charm and stylish edge, focusing mainly on sushi (a good mix of nigiri and sashimi) and yakitori (things on skewers) with an amazing dessert selection. The pricing was on the more expensive side, so make this a treat meal or a date night choice.

What We Ordered:
  • Wheel of Fortune (8 crispy ebi, 8 sparkling tuna, 8 black Alaska, 8 California de luxe)
  • Ebi bites
  • Miso marinated black cod
  • Coal crab futomaki
  • Roasted matcha green tea

We decided to opt for a sharing platter with a dish each from the a la carte menu. I must note at this point that the waiters were SO friendly and attentive, a sharp change from the usual Covent Garden food scene. We began with a roasted matcha tea that was really fresh and cleansing on the palate with a rich roasted scent - lovely.

The Wheel of Fortune platter was a good idea, the crispy ebi was my favourite followed by the black Alaska. The crispy ebi pieces were their tempura prawns while the black Alaska was a crayfish(?) and I could probably eat them both forever. I'm not usually a tuna fan when it comes to sushi either, but this one won me over! And the California de luxe was a salmon and avocado number with cream cheese - bringing the Danish fusion to the table. Slightly too rich for sushi for me, but good anyway.

Onto our other orders! The ebi bites were insanely good - topped with a light dressing and cooked to crispy, crunchy perfection, Zoe and I were literally amazed. Between the three of us, I think the coal crab futomaki was our personal favourite. This had black rice and soft shell crab inside and was the perfect blend of soft and crunchy textures and flavours. 100% get this if you head to SnS! Finally our miso marinated black cod which was the only mistake on our order: expertly cooked for a tender texture, it was okay but forgettable compared to the rest of our order.

Overall, I am so pleased I managed to squeeze in a trip here before I moved. I'll certainly be singing its' praises to any fellow sushi fan and shall definitely be back when I'm, er, back.


Print Run

Wall decor for my HK apartment.
Preparing to move into my Hong Kong apartment full time means that I'm finally looking more to decor ideas and interior inspiration instead of wondering how many beauty products I can haul during a week-long visit.

Like so many friends and family have mentioned to me, moving across the world on my own is probably going to be, like, a tiny bit lonely. Along with hastily getting many an Instagram and photo printed, I've been scouring the Innernetz for the best prints that'll make my apartment feel more homely and, well, more like me.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and London Prints by Ella Masters Illustration - £6
Ella's pretty yet kitsch aesthetic will forever remind me of a) her awesome talent, and b) her ability to make me laugh forever. Her 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish' print is certainly on my wishlist for my living room as a little reminder never to take life too seriously. And for the sake of reminding myself of home, the London one is close enough, right?!

Secrets and Accessorise Prints by Natalie Lines - £10
I dithered for a good hour when I came across Natalie's shop. Perfectly illustrated by hand and coloured with dimensional shades, her prints are so stylish it hurts. Currently dithering between her Secrets print and her Accessorise 2 print for the space beside my TV.

Frenchie and Pug Print by Jolly Awesome - £19
For my bedroom, this French bulldog and pug print would look perfect alongside home photos, framed patterns and little Polaroids. You just can't beat an adorable pup!

World Map Wall Sticker by The Binary Box - £29.99
Last but not least, I couldn't move abroad and not include some sort of world map in my apartment, right? At home-home we have a huge world map in our living room, so I'm kinda keen to get either this destination marker wall decal or scratchable map by the front door as a nod to home and to highlight all the places we've been to.

Photo from Myparadissi.com.


Home Updates: My Jolie Candle (And A Giveaway!)

Another candle addition that I can't stop feeling feverish about.
Hands down, the best part of any autumn weekday is returning home in the evening, getting those slippers on, bra off, hair up and winding down with a candle and a set of blogs to read, amirite?! So I'm a huge cliche but who cares when evenings are this cosy?

The other day at work, I was pleasantly surprised to return from a meeting to see a parcel from the My Jolie Candle team sat at my desk. Amongst candy necklaces, fun stickers, crayons and a notebook, they sent me a personalised Daisybutter passport holder and one of their new candles which smells out-of-this-world good. Of a range of 5 scents, I received Rose, featuring top notes of violet leaf and blackcurrant berry, heart notes of rose, tea, lotus and plum and finished with white musk, raspberry and cedarwood base notes.

It's the perfect grown-up scent: clean, fresh, feminine and elegant all at once with a 40 hour burn time. And what's more, inside hides one of 100 bracelet, ring or necklace designs made with Swarovski elements. What a concept! I've already packed mine ready for the move but it'd make an extra chic homewarming gift for a best friend, or you know, why not YOU.

My Jolie Candle were kind enough to offer my readers a candle with a hidden bracelet to win. All you have to do is a follower of them on Twitter and also of me on Twitter! Good luck!

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Sugar-cloud kisser

Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: aland, how to style river island camisole, topshop jamie jeans, south korean street style
Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: aland, how to style river island camisole, topshop jamie jeans, south korean street style
Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: aland, how to style river island camisole, topshop jamie jeans, south korean street style

Cropped T-shirt, NOIR at Åland; Burgundy strapped camisole, River Island; Topshop Jamie ripped knee jeans; Peeptoe heeled boots, F&F; Coat, JAY.S at YesStyle; Longchamp Le Pliage.
With the British autumn in full swing yet that whole Indian October thing here to play, everyday dressing takes on a new complication lately. It's been an odd sort of season for me so far: packing to move country has finally begun and I've put myself on a strict ban for buying anything knitwear or coat related. So that's fun.

This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment. I wore it about a week ago to work and got SO many compliments on it -- my head was certainly expanding to awkward proportions. It's casual but cute and super practical with weathering the brisk autumn chill that sits against surprisingly warm sun moments. The foiled polka dot T-shirt is from NOIR, a South Korean brand that Åland holds. I picked it up on holiday in Hong Kong and immediately fell in love with it, a million thank you's go to Winnie for finally introducing me to that slice of sartorial heaven. To extend its' wear - who really wears cropped tees in October except from Tumblr girls? - I layered it with a camisole and jeans. I couldn't decide if I needed a coat so I wore to be on the safe side and almost literally sweated it off. ;)

So I finally started the packing process at the weekend. Currently in my suitcase: many leaving cards, photo frames, one set of bedsheets and 4 pillowcases, 3 jackets and wax strips. It's pretty safe to say I'm crap at this! Packing has made me realise just how much unnecessary stuff I possess. Y did no-one stop me?! Yesterday I completely sacked off responsibilities and packing and hopped onto a train to try Sticks'n'Sushi with my girls Zoe and Winnie - so good. Review coming v.soon. Also! I finally caved & read Gone Girl and dat ending tho. T_____T"