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"I'm Asking For A Friend"

That age-old phrase that is uttered in every moment.
Ah that ever-famous phrase. I settled at my desk and propped up my MacBook with all the intention of penning some anecdotes about this phrase but - and I won't lie here - I have all the intention (now) of chickening out. Let's see how it goes...

Human nature causes us to worry, to laugh, to be sad, nervous, scared and more. Sometimes all at the same time. I think we're nearly all in agreement that with the digital age comes a loss of tone and sense of self at times. Why not, aged 13, write confessions on MSN Messenger and pretend it was your friend who wasn't even at your house? Why not tell the bold truth and then say you sent it to the wrong number?

"I'm Asking For A Friend" is more often than not the preferred method of letting yourself down gently - right? Figuratively sharing your own scenario under the guise of any unsuspecting friend. But try to have a little more faith in yourself and confide in confidence. Say for instance*: I have a friend who stumbled into an odd sort of friendship 7 years ago. He was completely outside of her friendship group and we couldn't quite figure it out. They just clicked. They shared all the same interests and she spent all her time with him. But then it shifted and he wanted more. She didn't. And then the tables turned. And now she's stuck between a rock and a hard place: what's the protocol for best friends amped up to more? I'm asking for a friend.

Now it's your turn - tell me about a time that you've used this phrase as your weapon and shield of choice. It can be as small, big, simple or dramatic as you like!

* Insert aforementioned phrase here.


Cordially Invited

Floral skater dress, Zara; Orla Kiely for Clarks Marianne heels; Celine Trio.
Stop the press because not only did I have a genuine party to attend at the weekend, I also wore a beautiful dress. Woah woah, calm down Michelle...!

To celebrate my best friend's engagement, she threw an amazing BBQ and garden party at her Mum's house. We sipped on wine and homemade punch (and obligatory beer for me) as is mandatory at these things and had a darn good evening catching up and swapping laughs (mostly from my end because my life is kinda ridiculous). It's crazy to think that Kayleigh's getting set to be wed in 2016. Literally insane. From our days at school sharing stories and planning sleepovers, to job-hunting together and wearing matching clothes, we've been through it all. Congratulations Kayleigh and Jean!


For the momentous occasion, I wanted to wear pink for some odd reason. I instantly fell in love with this Zara number on their website a few weeks ago. It's been hanging patiently in my wardrobe for its' first outing and I just adore it. I had to take the straps in a little but it is perfect with just the right amount of flaring. I teamed it with my beautiful Orla Kiely Marianne's but, y'know, ended up kicking them off once fight-for-your-food tactics were put in place. I actually really like the pink and yellow together and am totes getting this ensemble out again for future summer occasions. x


5 Feel Good Blog Reads

Another weekend, another selection of my favourite reads to share.
July, for me, can easily be deemed a happy month this year. Following a terrible June that I chose not to document and talk about, I thought I'd round up 5 feel good blog reads. Five blogs that I love to read and turn to for a dose of happy, these blogs have a mixture of content that I adore - variety is the spice of life and all that.

1. Emmerliejay
I discovered Emily's blog after meeting her at an Etail event ages and ages ago. Not only is she one of the loveliest girls in the blogging community, but she's been travelling all over the world this year. I love checking in to her blog to see her newest shenanigans, read beauty updates and see life catch-ups.

2. Ice Pandora
Mei's blog is a wonderland of her life in Holland. I originally came across Ice Pandora when stalking my blog comments, something I do a lot, and fell in love. She writes lifestyle posts, recipes, crafty bits and more, and I adore the whimsical, conversational style she uses.

3. A Beautiful Mess
A bit of a default inclusion but an essential one nonetheless. A Beautiful Mess is a DIY and craft blog full of handy tips, ideas and more. Run by two sisters, I love the professional quality with plenty of more homegrown additions and it still has a very relatable, 'on my level' edge to it too. And their photo editing app is awesome.

4. Love, August
One of my more recent blog discoveries, this blog is written by Stephanie who hails from Hong Kong. Stephanie shares little snippets of her lifestyle, from food jaunts to new buys, techy bits to photo diaries, and I just love catching up on her week.

5. Memoir Mode
Last but not least, I could just spent hours reading and browsing Kylie's blog. I've met her at a handful of blog events now and she is just darn lovely. She's handy with a camera making her blog a delight for the eyes, but my favourite posts of hers are the outfit posts she writes with her little girl Eva. So adorable and heartwarming.


Wardrobe Staples: A Leather Leather Jacket

Hello, my name is Michelle and I (previously) have never owned a leather jacket.

… I know right.

One part biker and another part omg-it’s-a-wardrobe-essential-yah, owning your first leather jacket - like a really perfect one - is one of the sartorial rites of passage that I seemingly missed out on. Could I even call myself a Brit girl?!

I discovered my perfect leather jacket approximately 7 months ago, when shopping the full priced new season stock at Zara during the winter sale. In true Michelle style, I dithered, went back and it was gone without a trace. And since then, I’ve wagered a war against the High Street to find something similar. Continuing my River Island love affair (well documented here, here and here), I came across this one (£100) a fortnight ago and it has barely left my side.
My Style Equations:
Leather Jacket + White Broderie Lace Dress + Brogues
Leather Jacket + Camisole + Shorts + Short Wellies
Leather Jacket + Camisole + Jeans + Glitter Tipped Ballerina Shoes
Leather Jacket + Denim Smock Dress + Mid-top Converse
Leather Jacket + T-Shirt + Black Ripped Jeans + Heels
Leather Jacket + T-Shirt + Skater Skirt + Tan Sandals
Purchase = justified. Happy Friday all!


Throwback Thursday: 2007 a.k.a. Safety In Numbers

On being 16 and sharing outfits with best friends.
For some bizarre reason, I found myself on MySpace the other night. Now I'd like to reason out the situation by saying I was looking for a song - I found it FYI - but actually I was also quite taken by morbid curiosity into how I first began to blog. MySpace was the original home of the selfie, the hipster, the self-coined graphic designer, etc. It was also the home of the treacherous Top 8 Friends and PDA's of friendship via matching clothes.

I saved this photo of one of my best friends and I from post-school. Did anyone else's school go through that phase of layering vest tops with white T-shirts? Weird. I think this photo was snapped right when Kayleigh and I grew out of that. We went shopping and job-hunting in the summer, I showed up at her house and boom: a matching outfit. Best friend status confirmed.

Which teen trends did you rock aged 16?