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An Announcement.

An October update.
So, I have a bit of announcement to make: I’m leaving. And I'm moving to Hong Kong!!

Sounds crazy and surreal, right? And I guess it is! I really, really didn’t expect to be writing a blog post like this for a long long time, if ever. It comes after my holiday to Hong Kong and about a week of tears, high emotions and all sorts of drama.

Like I’ve mentioned before, in my mind September is the optimum time for fresh starts. Something that my close friends have mentioned to me since I broke the news to them is that I've always been a home-orientated girl who is also undeniably flighty. I have a very carefree, nomadic and laidback outlook to life with an insatiable wanderlust and love of being alone. While travel has always been a love of mine, I just didn't see myself as a backpacker or 'traveller' in the traditional sense.

And only a mere 5 days after landing home from HK, I had a job offer for a role over 10,000 miles away from my current home. Cue a week of trying to make life-changing decisions, writing epic pros and cons lists (Pokemon Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire, breakfast and red lipstick were genuinely on that list), crying on and off for days on end and generally being in torment over a decision I wasn’t expecting to be making.

I’m moving for a shiny new job at Lane Crawford in about a month’s time. I have to work my notice period here as well as get things ready for the big move, which should be one epic task! I guess it is a pretty impulsive decision but one that I considered long and hard at every waking moment.

On one hand, living and experiencing a new city and culture will be SO invaluable. On the other? I face being away from my beloved Granny, sister, brother, family, baby tortoises and my boyfriend.

I’m going to really miss cuddles and watching Thomas the Tank Engine with my baby cousin. I’m going to seriously miss bubble baths and my duvet. I have no idea how I’ll get all of my shoes and handbags over there or what I’ll have for breakfast. I have never faced a long distance relationship before. I’ll be spending Christmas alone for the first time. Everything is changing and I’m terrified yet excited. But I get to have my own place again, I can buy a little money tree for my apartment. I can stay out at dessert parlours and have Sasa on tap. E might be visiting for New Year’s and he’s being more supportive than I could have ever wished for.

“There are far greater things ahead than any we leave behind.”

My flights aren’t booked yet but I have roughly a month before I leave!

If you’re also based in Hong Kong I’d love to hear from you (: And even better if you’re handy with a DSLR so I can keep up with the ol’ blog ;) I really want to say bye properly to you all too, so please drop me Tweets etc. and we can arrange long farewells. I’m so excited for this new ‘chapter’ as cheesy as that sounds, and I can’t wait to share it all on here.


Instant Outfits

Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: instant outfits Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: instant outfits
Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: instant outfits Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: instant outfits

Insta outfits while I seriously lack in the outfit post shooting front.
With my little sister (#Babybutter) off conquering University and Lincoln, outfit post shooting is currently few and far between. Life fail. I should probably get round to pestering a pal to resume that role soon… To fill the gap, I thought I’d share a few retro mirror shot outfits that I wear to work or out and about. Like the sound of that?

Tuesday 23rd September 2014: Wore this to work and Vogue’s Fashion Night Out for a warped day to night look. I’m having a srs leather-look moment now that it’s officially the autumn (a.k.a. best season ever, amirite Gem?!). These leather-look leggings are from F&F and I literally wear them at least once a week. Here I teamed it with my lace edge shirt from Plata in Hong Kong, my leather peeptoe boots also from F&F and my River Island duster, finished with my little Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder. I actually think this is one of my favourite outfits in a long time.

Sunday 21st September 2014: My brother turned 22 last weekend! For the occasion we had ice-cream for breakfast, KFC for lunch, ice-cream for lunch-dessert and then went to our restaurant for dinner. All the food, all the time. I never saw myself as a denim shirt girl but I adore this one from Levi’s, then I just threw on a strapped camisole and, like, £2 leggings. Easyyy.

Friday 19th September 2014: Bought a leather skirt from Zara. Need I say more?!

Wednesday 10th September 2014: In my jet lagged state, I took my sister out to get her final Uni things in this outfit. The foiled polka dot top is literally my favourite tee ever. SO good. I bought it from Noir at Aland in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, and teamed it with a little pink skirt, my leather Converse mid-tops and a duster.


Best Of Purses That Still Leave You With Money To Put In

5 purses that leave you with money to put back into.
Besides luxury leather handbags, purses are my shopping kryptonite.

All of those compartments, little sections for different uses, compact sizes and cute details - they’ve got me good. I think I invest in two new purses per season (one long wallet and one smaller coin purse). And it’s about time I took you through five purses that leave you with money to pop back in there.

Topshop Saffiano Zip Pouch - £8 - This simple pouch means you can throw your money in without a second thought. While it makes my compartment-obsessed self cringe, I can see it being really handy for holidays or even for storing gadgets. Plus I just love the saffiano grain look.

And Other Stories Leather Wallet - £39 - A blogger accredited choice, this leather wallet from And Other Stories is chic and minimalistic. With plenty of space for notes, small change and cards, this is a great purse for ‘hey, I’m a grown up now’ shopping occasions.

YesStyle Bear-Charm Zip Wallet - £16.56 - YesStyle is often stuffed full of gems in their lifestyle section. I know for SURE that when I have my own apartment, I’ll be investing in plenty of their kawaii-kitsch homeware! This wallet is the ideal size for everyday use and the colours are so en pointe.

Accessorize Kiki Cat Card Wallet - £5 - A cat cardholder/Oyster card holder. Need I say more?! With the introduction of contactless cards, these are really handy to stock up on!

Mulberry Bow Silky Leather Double Coin Purse - £195 - I splurged on this a few months ago and absolutely adore it. While it is quite steep for a coin purse, it is certainly affordable on the luxury leather front and worth every penny. I have a full review of mine here but in a nutshell, it has a zipped coin purse side and a buttoned side with two card slips and some extra space for business cards and coffee receipts.


If You Could Be The Inventor Of A New Bank Holiday - What Would It Be?

Win your very own customisable planner/notebook from Personal Planner.
Bank Holidays are some sort for kryptonite for us Brits. Three day weekends devoted to drinks, duvets and best friend/boyfriend/sister date days a.k.a. a dream. With our final one of the year complete, of course comes the age-old pointer of inventing our own Bank Holidays, non? For example, I'm a strong advocate of 3 days weekends forevermore: one day for fun, one for life admin and one for some rest and relaxation.

If I could be the inventor of a new Bank Holiday, it'd be a regular occurence. I say the third Monday in every month, named the Dreamers' Day. Because once every few Mondays, you need some added time to fix up and regenerate yourself. I mean, it's scientifically proven in my diary that too many work-laden Mondays just aren't that healthy for you. Here's what I advocate:

Saturday:- Fill up that diary so you have breakfast plans, lunch plans (or merge them together for a totes trendy brunch plan), dinner plans and things in between. I like slotting in a morning run, a shopping date and a couple hours exploring a new city/town.

Sunday:- Get organised. If you didn't manage any exercise on Saturday, do it today. Let's be honest here, Saturdays were made for food, gin and friends. So go for a run or squeeze an hour in at the gym, shower off and grab a blanket. Make a Wunderlist of the things you need to do. Pay bill, transfer money to XYZ friend, write the week's shopping list or food plan, file invoices for the week, reply to any outstanding emails. There; organisation bliss. Remake your bed with fresh sheets, light a candle and put out some fresh blooms. My Granny supplies me with an endless supply from her garden of dreams! Update your Pinterest board, list up on Goodreads, write a handwritten page of notes about whatever's on your mind.

Monday:- Dreamers' Day Bank Holiday. Settle down with a cup of Chai, some blogs and music/Netflix programming of choice. That's it, that's all I recommend.

Following that and this morning's blog bulletin, it's time to get creative. I have a Personal Planner to share with one of you lucky readers. For my full review, you can click here but basically it's a customisable planner for any use at any time of the year. Ideal for getting blog organised or Uni organised, it's pretty perfect for this time of year.

Simply comment below with what your Bank Holiday would be, give me and Personal Planner a follow on Twitter, and you could be in with a chance of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Rules and More Information:
- You must be a follower of Daisybutter on Bloglovin.
- You must be a follower of Personal Planner on Twitter.
- One extra entry available by following me on Twitter.
- Leave a comment below with your chosen extra Bank Holiday for one extra entry (4 chances per person in total.)
- Open to the UK only.
- This giveaway closes on Wednesday 1st October 2014 at 11.59am GMT.
- Personal Planner will email the selected winner with a digital gift voucher for a planner/notebook of their choice.

How I Organise & Plan My Blog

Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: personal planner review
Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: personal planner review
Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: personal planner review
Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: personal planner review
Daisybutter - UK Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: personal planner review

Organising Daisybutter alongside a full-time job and social life with PersonalPlanner.co.uk.
This year has been the year of blog organisation and blog 'advice' posts. And for good reason. Our tight-knit and extremely talented community is being recognised for all the right reasons at last. As somewhat of a seasoned blogger (did you know I've been writing Daisybutter for 4 years and 11 months?), I thought I'd divulge some planning tips alongside a review of my new planner kindly gifted to me by Personal Planner. You ready?

Currently, Daisybutter exists as my top-rated hobby alongside a full time job that takes up the majority of my work day. I work in online fashion retail on the editorial and content side things, FYI. So yes, that does mean I essentially spend 24 hours 7 days a week living, breathing, writing and creating fashion words, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Something I am often asked is how I find the inspiration to write all the time, how do I think of so many blog post ideas and how do I make time for my blog.

The simple answer is that my blog is pretty much an inherent part of my life. About 95% of my everyday thoughts have the potential to go on my blog because it's mine! It takes me any time between 15 minutes to 3 hours to fully construct a blog post, if you don't include photographs. There's always time.


I was recently offered a Personal Planner from Personal-Planner.co.uk to try out, review and share with my readers. Spoiler alert: I LOVE it. The website lets you create a bespoke diary/organiser, allowing you to fully customise the size, organiser components and page layouts for your own needs. As an example, my pages feature blank space and lined areas on each day, along with a training/exercise hours count, dinner list and to-do list section. There are plenty of other options for other lifestyles too though: revision slots, shopping lists and more.

I opted for a small size with an additional clear wallet - to store invoices, receipts and business cards - and a grey/white colour scheme. It makes blog post planning SO easy, with a week-to-view layout so I can write about a week or so ahead of time. Personal Planner have also kindly given you guys the chance to win a bespoke planner of your own, stay tuned and start getting creative - the post is arriving later today!
PS. My crown pen is from The Lovely Things. Get 20% off with the code Daisybutter20 (: